Monday, 8 August 2011

Walkies, Posey Snaps and Grandmas New Kitten

Well, what did we get up to last week after our weeks holiday in Kent. Over the weekend I was hard at it catching up on the washing and ironing and all the usual household stuff that needed doing. It's fun to go away but not so much fun when you get back!
The weather was glorious and in between we did sit out in the garden - after mowing the lawn!
We took the dogs out for a walk. Charlie, our wire-haired, standard dachsund is just too strong for Our Daughter to walk him on a lead - he's so enthusiastic about his walks - he tends to take us for a walk rather than us taking him on one! When he did eventually sit down I took these two photos of him and Our Daughter. The longer his walk, the longer his tongue gets!

For a change he looked directly at the camera!

George, the cocker spaniel puppy was well and truly knackered!

"Please say you'll carry me home!"

A few days after the above walk I tried to take photos of George - as he's really growing very fast and I wanted to capture his puppy days before it's too late. Would he sit still? I guess you know the answer to that one! Our Daughter was roped in to assist. He's at that in-between stage - his paws seem to have grown faster than the rest of him!

"I want to go and see what's happening over there!"

"Oh, all right just one more!"

We also went down to see Grandma (the OH's mum) and her dogs and new kitten!
The above is Lucy, Grandma's Shitzu.

This is Seamus - Grandma's minature dachsund. He loves playing fetch with his tennis ball but hates going for walks!

The OH's mum is a volunteer at a charity which re-homes abandoned / unwanted cats and dogs. She walks the dogs and socialises them until they find a new forever home. This little kitten's mum was brought in by a family who said that they could no longer home the cat as their daughter was too rough with it! It transpired that the cat was pregnant! When the kittens were born the OH's mum decided that she would adopt one of them and here he is - Ambrose!

Ambrose is a very chilled out cat - the OH's mum has five dogs and he is the only cat - he is completely unfazed by this fact! Unlike three of our cats who still run whenever they see Charlie even though they've lived in the same house as him for over three and a half years!

The OH's mum asked if I would take some photos of Ambrose - I was happy to oblige - this little guy was a natural - he posed this way and that!

Isn't he adorable!

A bit more posing!

And the last photo I took - this is my favourite! What do you think!
On Wednesday night we drove down to Devon and on Thursday went to the Honiton Show. More on that next time.

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  1. Lovely photos of your dogs - I havent managed to visit you for a while and you have a new puppy!! Hes gorgeous!!
    Love all the photos you took of Ambrose too!
    Gill xx


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