Monday, 8 August 2011

Hever Castle

On our way back from our fantastic weeks holiday in Whitstable we stopped at Hever Castle, the former home of Anne Boleyn, before she was married and subsequently be-headed by her husband, Henry VIII.

We had a wonderful day out. There is much to see - the Castle, the grounds and there was even a jousting tournament to entertain the crowds!

The Other Half and Our Daughter at Hever Castle!

The topiary chess set!

The Castle, bridge and moat!

The announcement of an important person's arrival!

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn! As the narrator said - "Two hours married and I can announce that the Queen is with child already!"

The King and Queen led the crowds to a celebration of their marriage by way of a jousting tournament!

The jousters!

An entertaining interlude!

After the tournament we went round the wonderfully kept gardens.

There was an Italian Garden with many sculptures, particularly of lions!

A lion!

A sculpture in the Italian Garden.

Another lion!

More from the Italian Garden.

A final shot from the Italian Garden!

We made our way to the Rose Garden.

There were some fantastic roses here!

There were many different varieties and colours!

A perfect rose for a perfect day.
After seeing the gardens we went in search of the Water Maze where Our Daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself and got very, very wet!

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  1. Great blog and photos! I am King Henry in your photos and thank you for your nice comments. I hope you'll be coming back to Hever soon for more jousting shenanigans! I also have a blog on blogspot - Good King Hal, with lots more photos on there!


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