Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Honiton Show

I really can't believe that it's August already. It seems like only a few months ago that we last attended the Honiton Show. A whole year has flown by ever so quickly! When we travelled down to Devon on Wednesday night the last thing on my mind was seeing signs for the Honiton Show. We had so enjoyed ourselves there last year that we had to go there again. It rained overnight and guess what foot wear I had brought with me -  flip-flops!
Generally, the ground wasn't too bad but in areas where there had been heavy foot fall it was pretty treacherous which is why everyone else was wearing wellington boots! To add insult to injury I had only packed light coloured clothing. I prayed that I wouldn't fall over otherwise a lot of people would have had a good laugh at my expense! If you wear dark blue jeans and fall over in the mud it doesn't look half as bad as doing the same in light mint coloured linen trousers!
Thankfully, an embarassing situation was avoided although I did slide a few times much to the amusement of the Other Half and Our Daughter!

The Show is separated in two with the main arena in one field and a smaller field next door to it which has the vintage tractors and farm machinery as well as the hounds.
I love old farm machinery especially old tractors. My grandad used to have an old red and grey Massey Ferguson so seeing old tractors is always a must for me.

I like alpacas - just as we were walking through to the main field to get something to eat for our lunch we saw the alpacas being judged. I won't go into the details of what the judge was doing to them - if I said that he squeezed certain bits, I'm sure you get my drift. Some of them looked as if they were ready to bolt and who could blame them! 

Although this one looks calm in this photo he did attempt to make a run for it on three or four occasions!

We walked back to the smaller field and went to see the otter hounds being judged. I like the look of these dogs as they resemble standard dachsunds with legs!

Facially, in particular, these dogs look very much like our wire coated dachsund, Charlie.

I like the dressing up that goes with showing off the hounds. I don't really know where I stand on the issue of fox hunting. When I was younger I would have said it was a very cruel sport and should be stopped. As an adult you see how destructive a fox can be. I suppose I'm just glad that I'm not the one that has to decide on what's right and what's wrong.

More otter hounds - this time a pairs competition.

Even the Judges dress up!

We observed more hounds.

And more.

And some more!

The Judges were taking their time deliberating!

Two of them clearly found something that was funny but the third Judge doesn't seem to get the joke or is he trying to stifle a laugh!

It's all pretty serious stuff!

This dog looked nice and alert. I tried guessing a few times which one I would choose to be first, second and third. I think that all I need to say is that I shouldn't give up the day job just yet!

I had booked a hair cut at 4.30 p.m. in Chard and so we had to leave the Show shortly after 4.00 p.m. I would really have liked to stay on a bit longer as there was so much more that we could have seen! Next time perhaps! We walked back to the car - passing the cattle and sheep.

And the heavy horses who had done their bit and were just relaxing awaiting their lift home!

Love those white hooves.

A gentle giant!

This one amused us - the Other Half and Our Daughter went up and stroked him on the nose. The Other Half asked the horse jokingly how old he was - he tapped the ground with his hoof four times. The Other Half then asked the horse the time and again it tapped its hoof on the ground four times. It was indeed four o'clock! This brought a huge smile to all our faces - we are easily pleased!

I'm now going to take a week away from blogging. The reason why will be revealed shortly!

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  1. I love the whole country feel of this - men in bowlers....I din't realise they were still so fasionable.

    Nina x


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