Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our Last Day in Paris!

Well, another holiday had nearly come to an end. We'd packed our suitcases the night before and tidied up the apartment ready for our departure the following morning.
Just before 10.00 a.m. we left the apartment and dropped the keys off at the building where we'd collected them on our arrival. Then with our suitcases in tow we dragged ourselves and the cases to the main area in Montmartre to find a cafe where we could waste a few hours relaxing before we headed back for Blighty.
On the way we passed some more street art by "ME".

In the same area there were more street art / political statements.

Some more street art.

This is where we saw the first photo that I took mixed in with other works.

We came to the main area which is normally heaving with tourists. At this time in the morning there was nobody there! We had the place all to ourselves apart from a few of the cafe owners who were beginning to set out their tables and chairs.

I far preferred it like this but of course the cafe owners need the customers!

We found a cafe that was open - this was the one we had been to previously which served up a wonderful cafe au lait - which is what we had again. Whilst the Other Half sat and watched guard over our suitcases we wandered into the nearby shops. We purchased some lovely smelling soaps, some keyrings and fridge magnets as presents and Our Daughter chose a necklace with a pink Eiffel Tower - a small memento of her stay in Paris - see below!

Our Daughter at the Gare du Nord. That red panda used to be mine as a child. My mum brought the panda down for Our Daughter one Christmas when she was much younger and he has become her favourite.

Just over a couple of hours later and we were at St. Pancras.
I had seen a photo on a blog with a statue from St. Pancras. I aksed a staff member and he pointed me in a certain direction.

This wasn't the statue that I meant - but what a wonderful surprise. I then asked a member of staff if there was another statue. He didn't think there was, his colleague seemed to think that there was one not very far away and we found what I had been looking for!

The statue of John Betjeman!

You can tell that the Olypmics are coming!

And that as they say was the end of our trip to Paris.
Shortly after this we jumped into a taxi to Waterloo where luck would have it - there was a train departing to our destination in five minutes. We boarded the train and as we sat in the carriage looking out of the window it started to rain - we knew we were well and truly home!

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  1. oh dear, coming home from a lovely holiday can be such a downer but you made the most of every last minute, well done.

  2. What a lovely trip! Your photos are wonderful.
    Enjoy what's left of Summer. ;0)


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