Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shoreditch Round Two

This is a continuation of yesterdays post when we were in Shoreditch trawling the area in search of new street art. There were new works by C215. I finished the post yesterday with this one above. I took two photos of it as I loved the artwork and its placement on the moss coloured metal door. Many people were walking past the area and didn't seem at all interested in this lovely art work. Perhaps they didn't even notice it was there walking briskly along engrossed in their daily grind. I absolutely love being in the countryside but I also love my London fixes of going about seeing the transient street art - one minute it's there and a few days later it's been painted over either by another artist or more likely than not by the over zealous local council who are beginning to wake up to the fact that some of this stuff is very valuable - the work of Banksy can add £100,000 overnight to a building!

As we ambled along I saw this little door which tickled my fancy. What could it be hiding!

I was bemused by this road being called Curtain Road. How do streets get their unusual names. I liked the street cleaning apparatus - surely we can be more advanced in this day and age than to still be cleaning the streets with a broom and a small hand cart!

Shoreditch is juxtaposed with derelict buildings one side of it and huge glass tower blocks at the other end. It is very near to the City's Square Mile! It is a place where some of the not very well off are within shoulder rubbing distance with the super rich bankers and the men and women on the trading floor of the Stock Market. It is also near to St. Paul's Cathedral and I think on another visit to London that I would like to go inside the Cathedral to see this masterpiece designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Someone had cleverly placed a beer can here so that it looked as if the dragon was a lager drinker! I imagine that this will quickly be removed by members of the council as it creates a bad image of London!

One of Christiaan Nagel's mushrooms or as Our Daughter said the work of "The Mushroom Man." I believe that he is to have an exhibition of his work in August. I may try and find some time to go to it.

This little fella amused me as it made me think of some terrible venues that I frequented in my youth when there would always be one of these type of drawings on the wall in a toilet cubicle with the words "Wot no bog roll!"

How did those carriages get there!

Some more street art in a car park.

Creepy but well painted! Do you agree?

Now this tunnel looks like an area you wouldn't want to visit but I was relaibly informed that there would be some artwork by C215 and Alice there. We ventured behind the metal gate and you can see below what we saw there. You can just about see the work of C215 on the right hand column. The work of Alice was further into the tunnel. I can now also see what appears to be a Jimmy C artwork behind those orange plastic protective fencing which I didn't spot yesterday! So much about my comment above about people not noticing things!

Just before we went into the tunnel we saw some more street art in the car park.

Graffiti or art?

This is what we saw in the tunnel - a work by C215 and the one below by Alice.

I took two photos of this one as it had a cat in it!

The lighting conditions couldn't have been superb to paint in here but what lovely pieces of art in the most unexpected of places!

Still in the car park was this artwork.

It was painted along the car park's perimeter.

We came out of the car park and strolled along trying to see new street art whilst bumping into previously seen works.

This is a new Jimmy Cochran and is on the opposite wall of this doorway to the one below that I have seen previously.

The previous work of Jimmy C.

I have shown this Stik artwork before. Someone has already begun to de-face it.

Roa's squirrel like creature on Club Row.

There were quite a few carrots dotted around here and there!

Gas and electric meters with their metal doors removed. Had they once held street art and been stolen?

There we have it another Round Up of the street art that we saw on our travels yesterday. There is still enough for another posting which I will try to do later on today housework permitting!

Until next time.


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