Thursday, 21 July 2011

C215 and Others

This is the continuation of this mornings post. I must finish what we saw yesterday as tomorrow we will be heading for a weeks holiday in Kent. I'm really looking forward to it. We have never been to Kent before on holiday. Our only previous foray into Kent was when we drove to Dover to catch a ferry to France when there was only the two of us (in the days when we were young and before Our Daughter was born). I still remember the Other Half driving on a dual carriageway followed by a mad bus driver who literally tried to force us off the road. It felt like the longest journey we had ever undertaken and this carried on for about 10 miles. It was late at night and we were the only two vehicles on the road. It was in the day before mobile phones existed and so there was no way of contacting the Police. Even as I'm typing this all these years later goose pimples have appeared on my arms and the hair on the back of my neck is starting to stand on end. A very horrible memory. He had no passengers and it felt that we were the only three people left in the world. I know it sounds dramatic but it felt as if he was really trying to kill us!
Anyhow, back to more pleasanter things - the above is another artwork from C215.

On a shutter near Brick Lane - "Believe in the Spraycan." I like the way the artist has turned the 't' in the word "the" into a cross and used the word "believe" making it an almost religious quote!

The ingenuity of the artists - here an artwork has been positioned very high up to prevent the Council removing it or spraying over it. 

Some derelict buildings near Brick Lane.

We came across this owl work which I have posted about previously.

I believe this to be the work of an artist called Sweet Tooth but am not too sure.

This was on a car park wall. The car park has a legal wall where street artists can come and paint. We were here a few months ago and none of the artwork that was here then remains. As soon as one artist finishes another comes and paints over it. It really is very transient - here today, gone tomorrow.

We came across this artwork - I love the pink coloured background.

We came across some more of C215's work.

Near to the one above was this one - also by C215. Alice had also done an artwork here but that had already been painted over and so we didn't get to see it which was disappointing.

The Credit Crunch Monster eating Our Daughter's hand!

The Credit Crunch Monster was outside an art gallery.

I don't know if the above tile is by Invader whom I have previously blogged about. It certainly has been cleverly located near a sign proclaiming "Beware! Thieves operate in this area!"

Near to the above sign is the artwork of Otto Schade - his work resembles intertwining ribbon - this is the face of Jimi Hendrix.

A closer look!

Next to the Jimi Hendrix artwork is that of John Lennon.

A closer look at John Lennon.

The work of Pablo Delgado - the shadow painted on the pavement is very well captured.

I believe this to be the work of Malarky.

The colours are very bright and the monsters interesting! Certainly a talking point!

The above two photos and this one show the wooden fence / gate that has been put up to prevent people having access to the buildings behind it. Far more interesting than a plain, boring, wooden panel, don't you think?

Near to the work of Malarky above is this Sesame Street artwork which I have posted about previously. A new creature has been painted near to it.

Sesame Street.

A closer look at that monstery creature - it's well executed but not something I'd want on my wall at home!

Having had a very full day in Shoreditch traipsing around the local area we grabbed a taxi to Trafalgar Square. Our Daughter was very tired and fell asleep in the taxi on the relatively short journey there!

Our Daughter near to one of the fountains in Trafalgar Square. We had thought of popping into the nearby Waterstones to have a quick glimpse at the books and to have a coffee break but we had over-exerted ourselves and following a short respite in Trafalgar Square unanimously agreed that it would be best to head off for home - which is exactly what we did.

Until next time.


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