Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Return to Shoreditch

Our Daughter arrived home this morning well and truly shattered from her two night stay with her Aunt L. and Grandad. Last night she had been to a Chinese Restaurant with her Grandad, two cousins and an American lady and her daughter who are also staying with Aunt L. The rings around her eyes made me think that she had stayed up pretty late! She had no time to rest as we caught a train to London Waterloo and from there a taxi to take us to Shoreditch so that we could go scouting around the area looking for some new street art. There are a number of derelict buildings in the area and rather surprisingly rather than making the area look downcast it somehow defines it. It is quite frankly a tragedy that these properties are empty when there are so many homeless in our midst. What are the landlords thinking of! The pigeons however seemed well at home!

Broken glass, broken society, broken Britain!

John Lennon art-work.

We came across the work of Bortusk Leer.

Some new art-work by Alice. I love the little girl with the brolly sheltering the little dog from the rain. I also love the shadows.

The work of C215.

Some more Bortusk Leer - I may have shown you these on previous posts as I think that they were here the last time we came to Shoreditch.

More Bortusk Leer.

I'm pretty sure that this is a new Bortusk Leer work.

Another piece by Alice Pasquini who comes from Rome.

A gun toting Winston Churchill!

Another new work by Alice.

Some more Bortusk Leer.

A new C215.

The Roa artwork at The Old Foundry.

An artwork that was behind a wooden gate. I had to squeeze my camera through a small gap to take this photo.

The art work above this one was behind this wooden fence / gate.

The work of Eine.

A C215 art-work on a letter box.

A closer look. There was another C215 art-work on another letter box but someone had painted over it!

A close look at a piece by C215.

The art-work from further away.

The work of Columbian street artist, Stinkfish - this is very new. It was painted on the 18th July, 2011!

The colours are magnificent and you get the feel of Columbia from it. It has a vibrancy about it.

Another C215 art-work. I think his work is truly amazing.
Oh, my, my - I will have to do a few more posts as I took so many photos! It was perfect weather for photography - cloudy but with good light.
We had a lovely lunch in a small cafe in Redchurch Street before continuing our search for more new street art. There was plenty to see!

Until next time.


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