Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Week So Far ...

Yesterday was a washout - it rained solidly all day. I read in the paper that in some parts of the country half of the average rainfall for July had occurred over the past 24 hours. That is how it felt here. Our Daughter has gone to stay with her Aunt for a few days. It had been arranged that she would just stay the one night but then she wanted to stay for two! Glad to be away from mum and dad! The house is strangely quiet without her only the odd bark from Charlie, the dog and the odd whining from George, the puppy.
As Our Daughter had only gone with spare clothes for a day we took some more clothes for her yesterday evening. The roads were treacherous - huge puddles of rainwater in unsuspecting places, leading to the creation of huge puddle waves which engulfed the car.
In the morning I had braved a gap in the inclement weather to take a few photos of the various flowers around the garden. This pelargonium I thought looked stunning with the raindrops on its petals.

Our Daughter planted some cornflower seeds in a container a few months ago and they have grown very well. "You must take photos of them, mum!" I did as I was told!

Another of the cornflowers from Our Daughters crop. There are also some of the blue variety but the rain had bashed them quite hard leaving not one decent one to photograph.

These little flowers trail from a pot on the patio.

I thought that this rose bush in the back garden wasn't going to flower this year.  For a long time it was devoid of any buds and then almost overnight all the buds came out at once. It is a lovely deep red colour.

This little chappie posed nicely on the patio on Sunday morning before the heavens opened.

I took two photos and couldn't decide which one to put on this post so I put them both here!

A final look at that pelargonium.

Our Daughter with her Aunt L. and Grandad - the Other Half's dad. They had a full evening planned as they were going to a concert where Aunt L. was going to be singing. Today they are meeting up with various other family members and going to a Chinese Restaurant.
The sun is trying to come out here today just as I'm about to go off to work - typical!

Until next time.


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  1. Such pretty flowers. Have a lovely day, N x


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