Monday, 6 June 2011

Half Term, Part 3 - Brixham

On Thursday morning we awoke early and the weather was once again bright and sunny. We had decided the night before that if the weather was as forecasted that we would go to Brixham - a pretty little harbour town in Devon.

The houses surround the harbour and look as if they have been stacked there one on top of the other.

The traffic getting there was pretty bad - half term holiday-makers all heading for the seaside and other outdoor leisure activities.
Around the harbour there were some brightly coloured mosaics.

Another photo of those houses clinging on to the cliff. I imagine that the view from the top must be quite spectacular. Mind you I don't envy them the walk back from the pub!

Another one of those mosaics.

A notice on the harbour wall!

We spotted another mosaic.

We saw the replica of the Golden Hinde. Our Daughter pestered us to go on it but the weather was so blazingly hot that we persuaded her it would be better to have an ice-cream!


There were a lot of children crabbing around the harbour and I think that this is something that we will do during the Summer holidays when we are in Cornwall, it seems so relaxing and a game of patience!

We saw some murals on the wall. I do like steam trains and I think that we will have to go on the East Devon Railway sometime this Summer. So many places to see - time as always being the one thing that generally puts a hold on things.

Another mural - which was very appropriate as on the way home we intended to go via Dartmoor to see if we could spot any foals. We did!
More on that in a later post. I'm having to do many posts again in one day as there is so much that we saw and which I want to report upon for posterity!
On Friday we went to Burrow Farm and Gardens and on Saturday we had to go to Forde Abbey, my favourite destination to see how those goslings were getting along. They had grown a lot in two weeks!

Until next time.


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