Monday, 6 June 2011

Half Term, Part 2 - Lyme Regis

After our trip to Abbotsbury to the Swannery we headed back along the coast to Lyme Regis.
Along the coastal road there are some fantastic views and I wish now that we had stopped so that I could have taken some photos but we were intent on getting to Lyme for our fish and chip supper!
When we arrived in Lyme we visited all our local haunts - Susie Cole, the CK shop and the second hand bookshop. We came away empty-handed apart from at the bookshop where I found an old Enid Blyton Nature Lovers Book and an old Billy Bunter paperback for Our Daughter.
The Enid Blyton Nature Book is wonderful and I may do a post about it later - there are poems about every month of the year, wonderful illustrations and colour plates, not to mention, a lot of information about trees and flowers and, what to look out for each month!
At the end of May / beginning of June we were told to look out for caterpillars - well, we were one step ahead there - see the post before this one to find out more!

The wonderful colours of the fishing nets.

A rusty old anchor.

A warning light.

Although it was still nice and warm Our Daughter maintained that she was cold and this time I ended up giving her my cardigan which engulfed her and made her hands completely disappear!

Some coloured buoys.

Shortly after this photo was taken we made a bee-line for one of the trailers that sells fish and chips and sat on the wall by the beach enjoing our tasty fare! No photos - too busy eating!

On the way back home we crossed the border back into Devon and I asked the Other Half to pull over in one of the country lanes when I espied this horse. Despite the lack of rain the Devonshire countryside is still lush.

We arrive home and give the rabbit a treat - some locally grown lettuce from a nearby farm shop.
Just realized that this is probably the first photo of our rabbit - Harry Bun!
When we come to Devon the dog and rabbit always come with us and you may think me a bit cuckoo but I think that the rabbit prefers it here too! He certainly enjoyed the lettuce!

On Thursday we made our way to Brixham and then onto Dartmoor to see the foals.
More on that in a later posting.

Just spotted I have a new follower - hello!
Maple Leaf I also just saw your recent comments - thankyou!

Until next time.


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