Monday, 6 June 2011

Half Term, Part 4 - Dartmoor

After we had left Brixham we made our way to Dartmoor - not the Prison but the actual Moor to see the foals.
The first pony we came across was this grey one. She didn't have a foal but she did have exceptionally small ears!

We came to Widdecombe-in-the-Moor. We went to the Church.

In the Church was this Widdecombe Fair pull along! It was behind some perspex so I apologise for the quality of the photo - it was the best I could do!

Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, lend me your grey mare
All along down along out along lee
Us wants to go to Widdecombe Fair

Why, when again will I see my grey mare
All along down along out along lee
By Friday noon or Saturday soon

Friday came and Saturday soon
All along down along out along lee
Tom's grey mare she ne'er did come home

So Tom went up to the top of the hill
All along down along out along lee
And there he sees his mare making her will

Tom's grey mare she up sick and died
All along down along out along lee
And Tom sat down on a stone and cried

And all night long there'd be skirling and groans
All along down along out along lee
Of Tom's grey mare and the rattling bones of

When the wind whistles cold on the moors at night
All along down along out along lee
Tom's grey mare doth appear ghastly white

Wi' Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer
Peter Gurney, Peter Davey
Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawke
Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all
Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all

A painting from inside the Church.

Another painting!

A portion of the stained glass window.

The outside of the Church. It was getting pretty late by now and so we headed home.
Although the photos of the ponies and foals have been placed by me after our trip to the Church we did infact see some of the ponies on our way there and only a few on the remainder of our journey home but I thought it best to keep all the horsey photos together.

This was the first foal we came across - it could hardly stand and fell over a few times!

"Oi, she wants a photo of me, not you, mum!"

"This place is so vast, it's all a bit bewildering!"

We came across a lovely cream coloured pony and her "minnie me" foal!

We came across a dapple grey (was she related to the one in the song above) and her brown foal.

"Wait for me, mum - my legs aren't as long as yours!"

"I want some food!"

Isn't this one sweet!

Another dapple grey with a brown foal.

On the way home we again passed the cream pony and its foal.

Our Daughter!

Can't believe I've done four parts in one day - a mammoth task inbetween going to work and back I can tell you especially as I had to head down the notorious M25 after lunch.
Anyhow, my load has been lessened as I now only have to do a post about Burrow Farm and Gardens and Forde Abbey!

Until next time.


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