Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Forde Abbey Makes Us HAPPY!

After our trip to Beaminster we headed to Forde Abbey near Chard in Somerset.
We had some lunch in the cafe before walking around this wonderful garden.

Our Daughter on the steps that were used to help you get on a horse. I have blogged previously about these steps. Every time we go to Forde Abbey it is a ritual for her to have her photo taken on these steps.


I liked this flower.

I also liked this flower which was close to the bog garden.

Our Daughter firmly gripping on to the fish food.

It seems that the birds love it too! Do you see the geese - these are the goslings from previous posts all grown up! Only a few weeks ago they were all grey and fluffy and now they are only slightly smaller than their parents!

Lillies and lily pads on the pond.

A closer look!

Forde Abbey and the long pond.

Our Daughter doing her Ozzy Osborne impersonation - "Hey, man! Cool dude!"

The water fountain was switched on.

Look at the colour of the sky! Not a cloud in sight.

The gazebo near to the long pond.

Looking at the sky through the gazebo!

There were a few horses and ponies in the fields.

They were standing in the shade of some trees.

There was a piebald - this is not the same one as I have taken photos of previously.

Our Daughter feeds them some grass.

The horses enjoy the snack!

In a menage there were some ponies.

These were also fed with some grass - the tell tale signs are there!

This poor pony seemed to attract all the flies!

I love the colour of this flower.

I also love poppies!

There we have it another posting about Forde Abbey. I do tend to go on a bit about this place but it is very special to us. It is a place with many memories of wonderful days out for us as a family unit. Normally, Charlie - our dog comes with us but he was at home with our new puppy. I'm really looking forward to a few weeks time when both Charlie and George can come here with us - look out for future posts!

Until next time.



  1. Gosh - look at that water feature.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. You certainly get out and about a lot and it looks like you have some lovely places to visit near you, fantastic weather too.


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