Wednesday, 29 June 2011


On Sunday we woke up early, got up, washed and dressed and headed to Beaminster in Dorset to visit an  NGS scheme garden. On Saturday we had been to a total of five gardens in Somerset!
You'd have thought that we would have been all gardened out but we weren't!
The garden that was open in Beaminster was Farr's. There was a lovely big house and a large garden. For me personally I preferred the smaller gardens that I had seen on Saturday. This garden seemed more like a work in progress and seemed to be a mix of the very modern with a cottage garden. I found it all a bit eclectic. The Other Half on the other hand really liked this garden.

The tall topiary hedge. As you entered through the hedge you came to a new bit - a building with a wooden bridge to get to it, surrounded by grasses. The building had a sofa inside and a coloured mosaic on the wall. Although it was done to a high standard it didn't float my boat!

Behind the hedge in the background was a much older style garden with fruit cages and cottage garden flowers. There was also a large building which was being used as a summerhouse come office. It was painted in a lovely green colour.

A water lily - Is that a small frog on the petal?

Part of the mosaic in the building over the wooden bridge.

Some of the flowers from the cottage garden.

A lovely poppy.

A stone sculpture in the front garden.

Another wonderful poppy.

The front of the house.

A wolf sculpture in the garden.

The bees were very attracted to the hebe. By now it was approaching mid-day and the sun was oppressively hot. We left the garden and had a mooch around Beaminster town centre. There were quite a few nice shops - luckily all closed as it was Sunday. Another place to put on the list of places to come back to.

We saw these fantastic hollyhocks outside a house.

Some more hollyhocks - from the same house as above.

The house and the hollyhocks!

We saw some delightful little cottages.

We didn't walk in the middle of the road!

Another fabulous cottage. I loved the little round window. We walked past a Church and you could hear some of the Church Service going on and hear the congregation singing the odd hymn. It was so hot I think that the Church was the best place to be at - a cool building.
We were by now getting a bit peckish and were flagging in the heat. We had a look around some of the eating establishments - there was a Brasserie - we thought too pretentious at lunch-time and a no-no with a ten year old, there were pubs doing roasts but it was so hot a roast dinner was the last thing on my mind and then we all said at the same time - "Let's go to the cafe in Forde Abbey!" Great minds think alike or is it fools seldom differ!
Anyhow we got back in the car and went to Forde Abbey - more on that in a later post.

Until next time.


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