Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sports Day and George

Yesterday it was Our Daughter's School Sports Day. Although I usually carry my camera with me to most places I have to confess that this is the first time that I have taken the camera with me. Not being used to having the camera at this school event I took very few photos. The school has three house teams.
All the children usually partake in three events as well as the relay etc. Our Daughter was involved in two running events and a ball throwing competition. The photo above is of the girls in her year who were involved in the sack race.

One of Our Daughter's friends winning her race.

Our Daughter in the same race. Do you like the team arm-bands that she'd made!

One of Our Daughter's friends who not only won the track event but also the sack race - which was most brilliant to think that she fell over at the half way stage and then stopped to pick up her glasses which had fallen off! It was a lovely day, the sun shone and all the children had a good time.

Our Daughter with George in the back garden earlier today. This morning we got up early and visited a local garden centre as we were keen to buy some slabs to place under a cast iron bench that we have in the garden. We saw some really lovely slabs which had been laid as a patio and went to ask at the desk when they could deliver only to be told that although there was a card telling you how much the slabs were the company no longer made them and they didn't have any in stock!
We went back and looked at the displays and found another slab that we liked - there was a problem with that too - they only had the few on display and couldn't get any more!
So we came home with some brochures to try and get a few more ideas!

Our Daughter and George.

George actually sitting still - the Other Half and Our Daughter went out for a bike ride and left me in charge of the dog - miraculously he sat down and I was therefore able to take a few snaps!


He looks a bit jaded don't you think. He runs around under your feet all day long. One minute you see him at one end of the room but when you go to leave from the opposite end of the room he's there as well! Sometimes I think that we have two dogs and not one!

Another photo of Our Daughter with George. He has grown a lot in the two weeks he's been with us!
This evening I've been busy cleaning the kitchen window both inside and out. I hate cleaning windows but the sun has been shining on it so much recently and it has annoyed me every time I've gone into the kitchen so I finally got in the mood to do something about it and whilst I was at it I did the dining room window and the french window too! I'm now off to relax with a glass of wine!
Hope you all have a nice weekend and that the sun shines wherever you are!

Until next time.


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