Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A George Update

When we arrived home on Saturday we went to check on the dogs as they had been left to their own devices whilst we were out. George has learnt that he should do his business on the newspaper that's been put down but we do sometimes have the odd accident!
You just can't capture him on camera though, he's just too damn quick. He likes to play ball although he's not much bigger than it!

George loves our other dog, Charlie - he keeps nibbling his ears and his beard. When Charlie has had too much he gives a warning growl and the puppy scampers away with a hurtful whine! Five minutes later and he's back nibbling! Charlie has the patience of a saint.

The Other Half with Charlie and Our Daughter with George. Shortly after this photo was taken the Other Half took Charlie for his walk. George has only had his first jab and must wait until his second one before he can go out properly which will be in three weeks time. I wonder what he'll make of a collar and lead!

After the Other Half had taken Charlie for a walk I went and got my book and sat on the front door step reading not realizing that this little chappie was posing nicely! I hurriedly made a grab for the camera and took this photo.
I'm sure his paws have grown a lot in the 10 days that he's been with us!

Until next time.


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