Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On Our Way to Covent Garden

This is a continuation of my earlier blog - we're in London and walking along the Thames Path.
We meet Her Majesty, The Queen!

We make our way to Waterloo Bridge. From the bridge you can see the Golden Jubilee Bridge, the London Eye and a glimpse of the Houses of Parliament.

We were feeling pekish and agreed to head towards Covent Garden for food and entertainment.
We started off on the lower floor where these musicians were playing their instruments and dancing at the same time!
We sat in a Cafe where they served Indian food and paninis - a strange combination but the food was lovely. We had some vegetable samosas washed down with strawberry milkshake(!) for me and Our Daughter and the Other Half had a beer!
We listened to the music and relaxed awhile.

In Covent Garden there is a stall where there are always two huge pans of paella being cooked. I always forget about the stall until after I've eaten. Next time I will have to remember so that I can try some paella!
As we walked past the stall we could hear some raucous laughter in the distance. We made towards the noise.

We came across this chap entertaining the crowds! He was just about finishing his act when we arrived but I couldn't resist putting his photo here - he reminded me of Al Murray, The Pub Landlord!

The next act was this magician who was French. The first thing that happened to the poor man when he started his act was that a pigeon decided to poop on him! In true British style a mum in the audience gave him a wet wipe to clean it off!

He could juggle with these orange things which he called "diablo"(!) He kept catching them with a very thin piece of wire and then throwing them very high into the air and catching them again on the wire.

He then got out a ladder which he used as stilts and juggled with some knives!
I just love the atmosphere in Covent Garden.

The next act was something rather special. This man was clearly very strong and a very good gymnast.
There was a female with him who was also a gymnast and double jointed!

These two were so good that I will post a few photos of them on my next blog when the man somersaulted over a group of four children!

How is that physically possible!

The man picked out a member of the audience at random and asked him to go and stand in an area with his arms made into a circle. He then ran up to the man and dived through the circle!
Amazing. Our Daughter was thrilled to bits! "He's really, really good, isn't he!"

Just to prove how brilliant he was he then balanced a bicycle on his head!
There is more which I will show you in a later post.

Until next time.


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