Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Cat, Some Knitting and LONDON!

I am striving to catch up with my blog diary and so for a short period there will be more than one blog a day - the excitement, can you contain yourselves! Drum roll, please!
When we arrived back from Rome we found that we somehow had an extra cat waiting for us near the catflap!
The photos above and below show you that cat. I would imagine that as we had been away and had a cat sitter coming to feed our cats that this one had joined in - whilst the people are away, the cats will play!!!
Our cat, Archie, was even rubbing noses and playing with it in the garden!

As these photos show the cat was well at home - "I won't mind you. If you don't mind me!"

"I'm as happy as Larry here in your garden!"

During the Easter holidays Our Daughter learned to knit. Here she is knitting her first ever item - a red square, to make into a knitted patchwork blanket for her dolls bed!

Sheer concerntration!

After a few days at home the knitting needles had to be packed away as we were off to London.
I had some time ago booked tickets to go to the theatre and see "War Horse" as a Birthday present for the Other Half and then booked our long weekend to Rome - now you must think that we are always on the go, that is not so, it just turned out that way this April!
On Good Friday we caught the train to London. We had booked to stay at the Marriott County Hall for the weekend.
The weather was once again fabulous. As soon as we got to the hotel, we left our luggage with the door staff as we couldn't book in until after 3.00 p.m. and went for a stroll.

We saw many mime artists. They do seem to be everywhere these days. It's easy money I suppose but I wouldn't want to be standing still in heavy costume in the weather that we've had recently. I'd be like a tub of lard by the end of the day - all sweaty and horrible! I wouldn't imagine it's easy to take that paint off either!

We walked along the Thames Path. We caught a glimpse of Cleopatra's Needle made in 1450 BC and which records the triumphs of Rameses the Great.

We came across a skateboard park which we never knew existed in this part of London.

This cyclist was doing stunts in the skateboard park. There was a professional looking photographer taking photos - possibly to place in a bike magazine.
The cyclist was very good.

There were other cyclists there but not half as good as this one - who made it all look rather easy. When you looked at the other cyclists and how they fell off or failed with their stunt you realized how difficult the stunts were.

A final photo of the cyclist.

We carried on walking and came across this straw fox sculpture.

I will probably do another blog today to finish off our first day in London.
On the Saturday I had booked a "Street Art Tour" which took us to the Borough of Hackney and the areas around Shoreditch and Brick Lane - I have some amazing things to show you from that tour.
On the Saturday evening we went to see "War Horse" based on the Michael Morpurgo novel of the same name. Just one word to describe that - BRILLIANT!

Just noticed I have a new follower - Hello!

Until next time.


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  1. Hi June

    I'm a new follower to your blog. I really like your photos of Italy on your last post. Your daughter doesn't look convinced by Mickey Mouse, it's all in the body language. Tell her well done on the knitting, one little red square will soon turn in to a cushion cover or scarf. Look forward to more posts. I love the street artists in London, they're really good fun entertainment. Lesley x


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