Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Covent Garden and Shoreditch!

This is a continuation of the last posting where this chap was balancing a bicycle on his head. An accomplishment of strength and balance of itself. He then got down on his knees with the bike still perched on his head and then lay down flat!

How can he do that!

He then wiggled about again.

And did some press-ups with the bike still balanced on his head.
A pretty brilliant street performance!

To surpass that by being able to somersault over these four children as a grand finale was mesmerizing.
The crowds were truly entertained!

We knew that the next street act was unlikely to improve on that performance and generally two acts is sufficient before you want to move on.

We headed for Trafalgar Square. We saw the Olympic Countdown Clock.

We saw the National Gallery. We made our way into the Waterstones just off Trafalgar Square.
I purchased "three for the price of two" - "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Remarque and two Graham Greene books.
We sauntered along back to the hotel - exhausted we could only manage "Room Service." We all ate heartily. Me and Our Daughter in our pyjamas and the Other Half in the hotel bathrobe!

On Saturday morning we caught a taxi to Shoreditch to go on a "Street Art" tour. The above work is by an artist called "Roa". To be able to paint on such a large scale using the wall as his canvas - how amazing is that!

We saw many pieces by this street artist and Our Daughter preferred his work to any of the other artists that we saw. I will show you a sneak preview of some of the other artworks that we saw.

The one above is by a street artist called "Alice".

Quirky street art!

I will show you more on a later posting but for today I'm all done for. I've been to work, I've done a lot of the housework and managed four postings! I'm whacked!!!

Just discovered I have another follower - Hello! A bit like buses - two at once!

Until next time.


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  1. Those are some amazing shots, sweet June. Have a wonderful midweek! xxxx


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