Friday, 6 May 2011

Glorious Devon

This post is from the day of The Royal Wedding - 29th April, 2011.
We had travelled down to Devon with my parents on Thursday evening. On the Friday morning we got up early. My Mum started watching the telly about 8.00 a.m. I didn't join in until two hours later when things were beginning to get a bit more exciting!
Wasn't it just a beautiful day. Everything went so smoothly - even the rain that had been promised failed to materialise!
After The Wedding - the Other Half, Our Daughter and I decided to go for a walk along the Public Footpaths nearby. My Dad had been working in our garden at home on Tuesday and Wednesday so he said that he wanted a rest and my Mum said she'd wash the dishes etc whilst we were out.

We headed for the country lanes and public footpaths of Devon. We have a holiday home in the Black Down Hills. I just love Devon.
We set off and saw that although most of the country had come to a standstill to watch The Royal Wedding, the farmers seemed to have all been out working the land - if you look carefully you can see another tractor in the next field to this one!

Only a few weeks ago people were complaining about all the dandelions - a mass of yellow flowers everywhere. How quickly they all seem to have disappeared.

I just liked the shape and colour of this plant.

The hedgerows looked fantastic - full of wild flowers - heavenly!

The same tractor as above.

Even the stinging nettles were in flower. Shortly after I took this photo I climbed over a stile and got stung by some nettles. I'd forgotten how much they sting! We went in search of dock leaves to lessen the agony.

The fields were full of buttercups which complemented the pink flowers in the hedgerows.

We came across another stile - note the dog has already gone off on a wander! He just loves to be allowed off the lead! He never goes too far and turns around every so often as if to check everything is alright!

The Other half, Our Daughter and Charlie - once again the dog refuses to look at the camera!

I tried again - this time there was something to the right that interested him. In the one above it was something to the left!

Glorious Devon!

We came to a farm gate along the public footpath. Our Daughter proclaimed, "I'm going to climb over it!" How I wish I could too! When I was younger these farm gates caused me no problem at all now I think that I will get stuck or fall so open the gate in the traditional way!

Our Daughter and the dog amongst the buttercups. It was a race to see who would get to the wooden pole you can just about see in the distance.
So far I have only covered half the walk in this post. I will do another post with the rest soon.

Until next time.



  1. I love your tractor and fields 'oh' how I miss rolling fields.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  2. Lovely photos June - Devon is beuatiful - that red soil and the lovely views.
    Charlie is lovely! What a handsome chap!!
    Your comment made me smile, we had said the same thing, they must have swapped him!
    He's back to normal today thak heavens - he's finally forgiven me fro taking him and leaving him to be washed, dried and cut, nails trimmed, ears plucked etc...what a palaver it must have been for him!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Hi June, I always love your photos, especially the one of your daughter and Charlie running through the buttercups. Hasn't the weather been glorious for being out and about in the country. Hope you get back to Devon soon. Lesley x

  4. Charlie and I have much in common! I never look at the camera either, drove my parents crazy when I was a child!
    Lovely walk, nice to see Devon. Have a lovely weekend,

    Sarah x


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