Thursday, 5 May 2011

Our Last Day in London!

We would really have enjoyed seeing Westminster Abbey just a few days before The Royal Wedding but it was swelteringly hot and there was a long queue. The above photo doesn't do any kind of justice to the queue! The people you see standing in front of the Abbey were not a part of the queue. If you look carefully on either side you can see a thin line of people which went on and on (not seen in these photos).
The Abbey is certainly impressive from the outside. There is so much history attached to the place.
All sovereigns since William I have been crowned here - even after Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1533 and made himself head of the Church of England. All Kings and Queens were buried here until George II. Thereafter, Windsor became the royal burial place.

This is a photo of the stone-work above the door.

A statue from near the door.

Next door is the Church of St. Margaret. There were no queues here. We wandered inside for a peek.

Here is the Church from the outside. To the right is Westminster Abbey.

Some of the stained glass windows were amazing.

A fantastic stained glass window.

More stained glass!

This was near the Altar!

Outside there was a seating area. We sat there watching the world go by - in the shade. The queue to the Abbey did not diminish.
The Other Half said he was all smiled out so Our Daughter decided to give him a helping hand!

Our Daughter and the Other Half outside Westminster Abbey. The sun was very bright and I couldn't get rid of those sunny dots! I have no lens hood for my camera as I broke it whilst in Paris last year when I accidentally dropped the camera!
I have ordered one so the problem of too much sunlight should soon be alleviated - fingers crossed!
You can guarantee that as soon it arrives it will rain continuously!

From the Abbey we headed towards The Supreme Court, formerly The House of Lords!

The stone-work above the door.

A statue from The Supreme Court.

We walked around Parliament Square and headed back towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
We saw some mounted Police.

We turned down to Victoria Embankment where Our Daughter wanted a photo of herself in a phone box - I obliged!

We saw the London Eye.

Another photo of the London Eye with the Marriott County Hall in the background.

We walked up to the Golden Jubilee Bridge. This photo was taken from the Bridge.

This photo was taken just as we were about to get off the Bridge.

Our Daughter had espied from afar that there was a Carousel.

A very happy child!

We then sat in one of the nearby outdoor cafes and had hot-dogs. "You have to eat the sausage first and then the roll with lots of ketchup on!"
Our Daughter then wrote some postcards to Grandmas and Grandads and to some of her school friends.

We then made our way back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and to catch a train home from Waterloo Station.
I have worked hard on blogging this week!
I am now only a week behind!
Last week my parents were down to help us look after Our Daughter who was still on school  holidays.
On Thursday we drove down to Devon. On Friday we did what most of the country did which was watch The Royal Wedding on the T.V.
Wasn't Kate Middleton's dress divine - so stylish. She looked as pretty as a picture! Goodness knows what Beatrice and Eugenie were wearing though. As a comment in the paper said today "God help us, five dodgy vol-au-vents and she'll be the Queen!"

Until next time.


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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the photo of your daughter on the carousel with her sunnies on and the wind in her hair, fab! I guess a red telephone box is a bit of a novelty these days. Have a good day. Lesley x


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