Saturday, 7 May 2011

Our Devon Walk Continued ...

This is a continuation of the last posting when we were in Devon walking along a public footpath.
I used to love the above wild flower as a child - I don't know its name though, does anyone out there?

We walked through some fields where there were bluebells growing in the hedgerow.
We vowed to go and find a bluebell wood in Devon.

I actually (I still don't quite believe it) got the dog to look at the camera! By this stage he was pretty whacked - the longer his tongue gets the more exercise he's had! He's just letting us know that he's had enough exercise for the day - "Thankyou and all that but, I now just want to go home and sle-ee-ep! Running around through the fields with tall grass and buttercups is hard going especially when you have four legs and each one is only 4 inches tall and has to carry a long body!"

We came across a field with cows who looked at us with an expression as if to say, "What is it, have you not seen a cow before!"

Another cow in the same field.

The hedgerows were just full of wild flowers.

The hedges in the country lanes were as impressive as the ones in the fields.

We came across a horse in a field who came up to his gate to say "Hello!" Well, not literally but you know what I mean!

We came across some ponies.

One of them seemed intent on trying to eat our daughters T-shirt!
The ponies were actually very friendly and just wanted to be stroked continuously. As soon as we stopped they kept straining their necks out of their enclosure!

We passed some more lovely wild flowers.

And more delightful hedgerows. We had been out for two hours enjoying and admiring the Devon countryside.

The following day we went to Forde Abbey with my parents. We had purchased an annual ticket previosly and with that ticket we had been given three free tickets for guests. Well worth buying an annual ticket as when we went to the desk to hand two of the guest tickets over they gave us one back.
After a lovely light lunch at the Abbey we walked round the gardens and fed the trout - more on that in another post. Following our enjoyable walk we made our way back to the car and home for baths and hairwashes before going out to a local Chinese Restaurant in Chard just over the border in Somerset, called Bath House Hotel. The food there is just superb and the service excellent.

Thankyou for your lovely comments regarding the last post.

Until next time.


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  1. Lovely images, June. I love all the little flowers growing in the grass!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day xxxx


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