Monday, 30 May 2011

At the V&A Museum of Childhood

Well, we did so much at the weekend that I have to once again do more than one post in a day! Tomorrow we intend to be back in Devon. It's typical Bank Holiday weather here today- rain, followed by more rain! At least it's meant that I've been able to stay indoors and do a few chores inbetween putting two blog posts together!

On Saturday we set off early to Shoreditch to take in all the street art.We were not disappointed but all too soon we all  felt very hungry and realized that it was lunch-time! Time does go rather quickly when you're having a good time. We had planned  in advance to go to the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green and it made sense that we had our lunch there! Off to Bethnal Green we went!

After we'd been fed and watered we looked around the V&A - there were so many things to feast our eyes upon. Plenty of old dolls from very early wooden ones, to porcelain dolls to more modern plastic ones.

The older dolls were dressed in lovely dresses similar to the costumes worn by the well-to-do ladies of the time!

So much detail in the dresses - no velcro involved here! There were many dolls from my childhood - in particular - Sindy, Barbie and Tressy. I don't think I spotted a Tiny Tears though. I had a Tiny Tears which had a little blue and white romper suit and matching bib. It was one of my favourite toys and I played with it for years. Then one day my friend poked its eye out by accident and I stopped playing with it as it looked a bit creepy with only one eye!
Children these days have so many toys. There is just so much on the market. I had my Tiny Tears, a Sindy, an Action Girl and a Sheena doll - whose hair could grow!
Our Daughter has never really been a doll person - she's had a few old Sindys that I purchased on e-bay and some Barbies.

There were many cuddly toys - this fox we all agreed was one of our favourites. Doesn't he look the studious, intelligent type!
Our Daughter has quite a few cuddly toys - from ones bought by grandma's when she was born, to Birthday and Christmas presents and a few extras! Some I have shown on this blog previously!

We saw some hand puppets. I liked this cat one.

There was a puppet section.

This dear little soul was in a display of push and pull alongs.

In the same display cabinet as the dog was this pull along duck. Very smartly dressed he is too! He's a - Duck-tor!

I loved this politically incorrect panda. Would they be allowed to sell a smoking panda these days! How ingenious he can polish his own shoes whilst smoking his pipe!

The Museum also had a special exhibition showing the work of Judith Kerr - author of "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and the "Mog" books. Here is Our Daughter with "Mog". I have often read Mog stories to Our Daughter when putting her to bed when she was much younger. They are beautiful stories for younger children.

In another cabinet were dolls dressed up as Girl Guides and Brownies. The Brownie outfit is identical to the one I had in the 1970's right down to the beret which I never wore (Thank God). The beret always had to be tucked into the dresses belt or you risked being told off!

The last section was all about the seaside - Punch and Judy shows. "That's the way to do it!"
Of course, these days Mr. Punch would be seen as a violent thug, wife beater and child abuser!

There was much to see - there were many dolls houses from many roomed mansions of the very rich to the small two up and two down variety that were popular in the 1960's / 1970's.

There were childrens games and displays of toy robots, Startrek toys and a whole variety of other toys - far too many to mention. A very nostalgic few hours was spent here!

In the next post I will move back to the street art in Brick Lane and our Sunday morning walk around Whitehall and Westminster.

Until next time.



  1. That was a lovely tour, June. The first picture made me smile, it is very happy!
    Have a wonderful new week o xx o

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! The V&A museum looks like a really interesting place. My daughter would love the Brownies and Guides dolls! Cx

  3. Lovely day trip story. Im very inspired by this post to visit the museum for my dissertation. :) Thank you for sharing.



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