Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back at The Old Foundry

When we had booked our street art tour the arranged meeting place had been at the Old Foundry. This place has been a Foundry as the name suggests, a pub of dubious repute - apparently - and is soon to be re-developed. It is understood that there is a Banksy inside which has a preservation order on it and which has probably added £100,000 to the value of the property!
The above is by Roa.

Nearby was this very colourful artwork. A similar one we found an another wall and which is on a previous post. Looking at the composition of both I would think that they have been done by the same artist.

Further along we saw new artwork by Bortusk Leer.

We found some more of his work - all done with luminous paint!

Bortusk Leer's take of a policeman. Love the hand-held radio and the handcuffs and truncheon.

On our tour we weren't far away from the City's landmarks - here we have The Gherkin!

An English dragon!

We discovered another Christiaan Nagel mushroom.

Around the area there was also work by Pablo Delgado - showing women of the night and their shadows - depicting their shadowy night-time work perhaps!

We had passed this large artwork on our previous tour. I don't know who it's by.

We came across another new artwork.

We came across a pub and in the pub garden there was this car.

Next to it was this car which I am pretty certain that I have seen in a music video by some quite well known group. Can anyone out there help me on which group? I think that there was possibly a skeleton driving the car in the video - does that help!

We came across some road signs turned into a sculpture!

We saw some more of Pablo Delgado's work.

This was round the corner to the one above. The figures of the women are tiny and made of paper which is glued to the wall and their shadow is painted onto the pavement. You can tell how small they are by the cigarette butt in this photo. For street art you have to look all around as some artists like Christiaan Nagel place their mushrooms high up whilst others have their work at  ground level.

Bortusk Leer also does a take on various foods and calls himself Rots Rulebek - an anagram of Bortusk Leer!

And finally, a work by Lister. Our feet by now were unwilling to move any further and so we came to the unanimous conclusion that the only thing to do was to hail a taxi to take us back to the hotel, which we did. As we were being driven along we saw some more artwork which led to us all saying "We'll have to come back again then, won't we!"

In the evening we went to see "Betty Blue Eyes" at the Novello Theatre - exceptionally good and very funny.

On the next post I will blog about a quick trip around some of the touristy things around Westminster.

I also have a new follower - hello!

Until next time.


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