Monday, 30 May 2011

Our Very Own Street Art Tour

On Saturday we were in London. We had so enjoyed our recent street art tour that we made plans to go back to Shoreditch and Brick Lane to have our very own street art tour! We kept our eyes firmly focused on the surrounding buildings. The first bit of art that we saw was on a shutter and very colourful it was too!

We turned around from looking at the shutter and behind a corner was this street art - by T. WAT!!! It's a re-make of that photo of Vinny Jones when he was playing for Millwall F.C. Vinny Jones has been replaced by David Cameron, the Prime Minister and the other player is the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.
A very clever political statement!

As we ambled along we saw this - isn't it a Michaelangelo re-worked! ("The Creation of Adam")

We passed this art-work by Stik which we had seen on our previous tour.

Opposite the Stik one above was this street art poster.

We came across the Roa art we had seen previously. It covers the entire side of the building. To be able to draw something so skilfil in that proportion - how fantastic is that!

We saw a lot of Dscreet's owl work.

Our Daughter and the Other Half near to an art work by Malarky.

Some more street art in Buxton Street!

Our Daughter spotted a Christiaan Nagel mushroom or two - can you see the small mushroom?

We returned to the Stik we had seen on our earlier street art tour. The artwork is down a short alleyway and you wouldn't necessarily come across it unless you were told where it is.

Street Art or Graffiti?

We saw a street artist at work!

We saw a street market being set up near some old arches. On the walls were some of Dscreet's owls.

The street market was closed off by a high wire fence. One of the street holders invited us in to take photos which was very kind of him.

We couldn't believe that the stall holders were using artwork by Stik as trellis tables! This sort of art would look stunning in a warehouse conversion and I'm sure some people would pay a good price for it!

We came across a Roa artwork in a junk shop!

We saw a Roa artwork on a tattooist's shop. I wonder if anyone has asked for Roa's work to be tattooed on their body!

We passed Dscreet's owls which we had seen previously.

The art of James Cochran also known as JimmyC.

This is where it was located.

The ribbon work of Otto Schade.

There were a lot of stencilled animals. This was one of the best. There were also squirrels, cats and dogs!

We walked past the Stik shutter that we had seen before.

We spotted this new art work. I like the message "Please wait here until you are useful!"

We had been down this street on our street art tour - on on side of the street the words on the building is PRO and on the other side Eine has painted the word ANTI!

Another JimmyC. We had done a lot of walking and were beginning to get hungry. We grabbed a taxi to the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. We had a light lunch in the cafe there - the food was lovely. Despite catering for children there was no chips just lovely baguettes and macaroni cheese etc.
We had a look around the Museum - we saw some delightful old toys which I will show you in a later posting. After a look around the V&A we grabbed another taxi to take us back to Brick Lane for another fix of street art! We're hooked on this form of expression! We saw some more of Bortusk Leer's work amongst others.

Finally, we caught another taxi back to the hotel - a quick wash and a change of clothing and we were off once again to the Novello Theatre to see "Betty Blue Eyes" with Sarah Lancashire and Reece Shearsmith. The story revolves around "Betty", a pig who has been illegally reared by local big-wigs so that they can celebrate in style the forthcoming Royal Wedding of our Queen to the Duke of Edinburgh whilst everyone else has to make do with SPAM! The musical is an adaptation of Alan Bennett and Malcom Mowbray's film "A Private Function."
A brilliant night out. See a clip here

Until next time.


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