Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Flowers at Forde Abbey

Last Sunday saw us heading for one of our favourite destinations - Forde Abbey, near Chard.
We are so enamoured with this place that we have purchased an annual ticket.
If you visit more than twice a year then it is worth getting the ticket as by then your visit is free.
The weather was glorious for the time of year so we packed ourselves a simple picnic of tuna sandwiches, some fruit, a few tomatoes and cucumber slices and, some soft drinks and we were off.

I do like Spring when all the trees begin to blossom.

The pale pink and white colours look so delicate and yet these plants have survived the harshness of Winter to show off their amazing blossom.

This one would make a wonderful corsage.

After we had picnicked we sat down enjoying the views. We had also brought with us some stale bread to be fed to the trout in the big pond.

This is the view from the bench where we sat - fab-u-lous!

Most of the daffoldils were open and looked lovely against the Abbey's stone work. 

Our Faithful Hound, Charlie enjoyed sitting amongst the daffodils!

Some of the rhodedendrons were open. How's this for a flash of brilliant colour!

Having fed the trout. The ducks were too scared of the trout to get near! We headed for the Bog Garden. The shoots were just about peeping through.

We found many more daffodils and wallowed in the sunshine.

The dog was not very co-operative when I was taking photos - too many things to look at and be distracted by - birds in the trees, other dogs, anything really other than at the woman with the camera!

I have a few more photos from Forde to show you and will do that in a later post.

Thankyou for the comments on yesterday's blog. I never thought when I started blogging that it was something that I would still be doing five months later - being a Gemini I start a number of projects enthusiastically and then abandon them just as quickly. But blogging is somehow addictive and I would like to think that it is like a diary for future generations of our family and others to enjoy - a bit like looking at old postcards and photographs but getting more of the story. I hope that makes sense!

Until next time.



  1. Charlie boy is gorgeous! A Standard wire-haired isn't he? I exclaimed out loud when I saw him in your photos! Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Lovely photos, beautiful views from where you sat.
    Charlie looks majestic amongst the flowers!
    I know what you mean, it will be a lovely record of your days out with your daughter which photos alone would not do.


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