Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shaldon - Part Two

A continuation of yesterday's post when we were in Shaldon in Devon. A lovely village on the coast.
As we were walking around the village we saw this wonderful magnolia tree in full bloom. It was in a walled garden so we couldn't see it's full beauty but we were in awe at its splendour!

From the truly amazing to the wonderfully kitsch - these little ornaments were decorating a window ledge.

From the same house were these.

We then saw this chocolate box thatched cottage - can you see the two thatched cats in the roof?

Another lovely home. I really like the porch.

Then I saw a convex mirror - I have a thing about these. If you follow this blog, you will know that I have snapped away at many of them - I didn't manage to get fully out of the way of this shot though as my elbow is in the photo!!!

On the way home from Shaldon we stopped by in Ashburton. There is a good second hand book shop as well as some antiquey / vintagey shops there.
Did we buy - the Other Half purchased some books for himself, Our Daughter got an old "Beano" annual and I also found a book for me - so we were all happy. In one of the vintagey shops I also found a vintage dolls deck chair which I pointed out to Our Daughter - so that came home with us too. Our Daughters first every doll from Father Christmas sits in it and has pride of place in her bedroom!

The dog above was sat outside a wool shop waiting patiently for its owner. Our Daughter when she saw the wonderful things in the shop asked me if I could help her learn to knit - I can do a plain and a purl stitch and when Our Daughter was very little I did knit a few blankets for her dolls bed and even managed to knit a dolls cardigan! I said that I would have a think about it. She said "Oh, mum but I really want to learn!"

On the way home we saw many, many daffodils in the hedgerows - as Our Daughter said "Aren't they pretty waving their bonneted heads!" Is there a poet in the making there!

We arrived home without any knitting needles or wool. Nasty mummy. The lady in the wool shop had commented how pretty Our Daughter looked in her dungarees. So when we got home I took a photo to remind me in years to come of what Our Daughter did look like in those dungarees!

Could you smile I asked - "Of course" she said "As long as you promise to teach me to knit!"
So I will have to find some knitting needles and some wool from somewhere soon - kids have long memories when it comes to something they want and very short ones when it comes to something that you want them to do!

I'm now going to have a proud mum moment - yesterday I picked Our Daughter up from school and took her to town to do a bit of shopping - buying food and veg before I took her to have her hair cut. I asked her how school had been - the usual answer "It was O.K." I persisted "Anything interesting happen?" Reply "No."
When we got home I phoned my mum and passed the phone to Our Daughter who gassed away with Grandma and after about five minutes she said "Oh, before I go Grandma I got a Distinction in my ESB exam!"
This was the first I'd heard of it!
Anyhow, a very proud moment indeed.
I now know what to get her for her achievemnet - knitting needles and some wool!

Until next time.



  1. What a lovely post June!
    Your duaghter looks lovely in her denim dungarees, and what a clever (and modest!)girl!Well Done - a distinction!!!
    But isn't that typical - they often never tell you the really important stuff, you end up finisng out in other ways - my daughter is the same!
    Love the photos of Shaldon, and the magnolia and daffs - so pretty.
    Am just catching up on evreyones blogs as I have been out in the garden for about a week and have got behind!!!
    Gill xx

  2. hello June, just popped over to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I just love that thatched cottage-and the cats on it! your daughter is indeed very pretty in her dungerees!

  3. Kitch can be so decorativ, don't you think?


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