Sunday, 3 April 2011

Forde Abbey - Part Two

This is a continuation of the last post when we were at Forde Abbey. The daffodils carpeted the lawn. I do love daffoldils and it's not just because I'm Welsh and that it is our national flower / emblem. I remember that as a child growing up in Wales in the 1960's/ 1970's that on the 1st March it was expected that you would wear a daffodil pinned to your clothing to go to school. The daffodils stem would be neatly wrapped in silver foil to which a safety pin would be attached before the daffodil was pinned onto the jumper etc that was to be worn that day.

The daffodils in those days were mainly the bright yellow ones. There wasn't such a variety. I remember that in our front garden and to the side of our house we had many of the same colour yellow ones. We also had a small border with the white ones - which I wasn't allowed to touch as they were the "special" ones!

When I saw a group of the white daffs at Forde it took me right back to my childhood and to that border by our back door which was at the side of the house!

There were also many other Spring flowers - I liked these little purple daisy type flowers.

The name of this flower escapes me despite having it in our garden. The one that we have and that I have seen in other gardens is a creamy / white colour. This colour is far more spectacular, don't you think?

Can you see the ladybird in this magnolia flower? I do like ladybirds - so good for the garden, eating the aphids - the gardener's friend!

The Other Half, the dog who was distracted (!) and Our Daughter.

The Church's interior.

All the kneelers were done in these three colours - there must have been about 40 of them - all different patterns!

Our Daughter amongst the daffoldils. By this stage I had given up on the dog ever looking at the camera!

Well, that was last Sunday. This weekend we again went to Devon and on Saturday we went to Cockington Village, near Torquay. I will do a posting on that later in the week. Last night we went out with friends to a Chinese Restaurant - the food was delicious and the company was good.
Today is Mother's Day - I had earlier in the week received a card from Our Daughter - two in fact!
One which the Other Half had bought her to give me and one she'd made at Brownies.
This morning she gave me another one which she had just made having got up extra, extra early!
Three cards - wasn't I spolit! I wonder whether I'll look back at this when she's a teenager and be able to recognize her as one and the same person! I do hope so!

I hope that you all had a Happy Mother's Day. I have just relaxed all day as the weather hasn't been that great. The only excitement being when a herd of cows escaped from a nearby field and the Other Half went to help the local farmer round them up. Three of the cows went into a neighbours garden by jumping over the fence!!! I never knew that cows were so agile!!!

I've just started reading a book called "Cliffhanger" about a husband who wants to do away with his wife by pushing her off a cliff as he's bored of her.  However, he accidentally pushes someone else rather than his wife off the cliff. He then has to murder someone else to cover up his tracks! A nice cheery subject on Mothering Sunday! I've told the Other Half not to get any ideas!!!

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  1. Beautiful sea of daffs - they look lovely in that setting.
    The pretty purple flowers are a type of anemone, and also known as windflowers - I love them, they are so pretty and have such a lovely name - i had some at my old garden and was thrilled to find we have them here too - just one little clump.Will take a pic today whilst Im in the garden and post it on one of my next posts.
    Looks like you all had another lovely day out - we used to have days out like that when my duaghter was younger, but now at nearly 16 it deonst happen so often, although with the dog now she says we must take him to the nat trust places where they allow dogs in the larger areas.
    We are lucky here as we have many lovely NT places nearby, my fav being Chartwell where my great grandfather was head gardener when Churchill first lived there, and he lived in the gardeners cottage ( with my grandfather as a boy and young man)which is still there - so I love going there!
    Gill x


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