Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spectacular Somerset

A continuation of this morning's post as I'm very desparately behind on updating my blogging diary.
As stated in this morning's blog on the way back from Barrington Court we drove through some pretty special villages. We stopped in the Church at one of the villages and the photo from above and the two below are from that Church. I believe that the Church was called St. Mary's.

The stained glass windows were fantastic. There were so many despite it not being a very big Church.

I just love looking at stained glass windows. I must have seen hundreds and yet no two are the same or even similar! 

From the Church we made our way to Ilminster - stopping the car when a pretty house or cottage was spotted. Isn't the wisteria on this one to be admired.

Another wonderful thatched property.

This one was lovely but right on the main road which led to the Other Half's usual comment - "Oh well, we couldn't live there anyway - the cats would get killed."

We arrived in Ilminster - as it was Monday most of the shops were shut for half day closing. I remember this tradition of closing early in the town that I grew up on in Anglesey -  it was a Tuesday. Here in Hampshire all the shops stay open six days a week. It is always a bit of a shock to the system to see many shops closed on a week day. I do see the point of it and wish we could hark back to more traditional opening hours - I'm not a fan of big supermarkets who have upped the ante for everyone else so that all the local shops have to compete to survive.

As the shops were shut we ambled along to the Minster in Ilminster! As we entered the Church the organist was practising. It was very atmospheric. He played a Requiem and I got all goose-pimply! Our Daughter thought it sounded "creepy."

Some lovely images in the Church.

The back of the Church is surrounded by iron railings and a small wall - of course, Our Daughter could not walk on the pavment, she had to do some balancing work with wall and railing! I only hoped that the Church Warden wasn't anywhere near - I had visions of someone like Hedges, the Air Raid Warden and the Verger from Dads Army coming to tell us off, not to mention the Vicar!

A short distance from the Church was this stunning house.

And not very far from the above were these two cottages - lovely!

On Tuesday of last week we made our way to the Golden Cap in Dorset. I will do another post on that tomorrow with some fantastic views. We only did half the walk though as someone, that is, yours truly, was wearing inappropriate footwear! I will also show you some fantastic cottages in Dorset.

Our Daughter is at a friends house this evening having a sleepover - the house is eerily quiet!

Until next time.


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