Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Golden Cap, Dorset

On Tuesday of last week we headed for the Golden Cap in Dorset. It was sunny with a hint of a breeze - perfect walking conditions. The old path near to the cliff edge is now closed due to it being too dangerous and a de-tour takes you into a small wooded area and then through some fields. The above photo shows the entrance to the old footpath.

We started the walk which of course was uphill all the way - when it dawned on me that I had not worn appropriate footwear wearing shoes with some heel - albeit a small heel - but they were causing me some problem navigating the uneven surface. Fearing that I would twist or break my ankle (my mum did break her ankle quite badly a few years ago whilst walking in Snowdonia) we decided that the best thing to do was to take the journey very slowly to the half way point and then go to the pub for some lunch.  We had spotted "The Anchor Inn" when parking the car in the car park. A pub with spectacular views!

Our Daughter and Our Dog, Charlie - a standard wire-coated dachshund.

The dog thoroughly enjoyed the outing - as you can see from these photos.

We had him chasing sticks whilst we rested on an embankment!

"Come on then, throw it again - I'm not knackered really!"

This was the view on the way back. How's that for a view!

Another view of the above with the camera rotated!

On our way to the pub.

Our Daughter helping me out carrying the camera case!

And a final shot of Our Daughter who declared the views "The best ever!" You can't get better than that!
We stopped for food at "The Anchor Inn" which was delicious. We ate outside - the view that we had was of the first photo on this post. What a way to eat al fresco!
This was a really good day out and I now know what to ask the Other Half to get me for my birthday - some walking boots!
We then made our journey back via the backroads and took in the lovely Dorset villages and landscapes. More on that in a later posting.

Until next time.


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  1. Beautiful views! But I'm afraid all my attention is taken by Charlie! He's so wonderful, so handsome, and my favourite photo has to be the one where he's running with his tongue hanging out! Priceless! Love Vanessa xxx


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