Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beautiful Homes in Somerset

This is a continuation of yesterdays blog detailing our recent visit to Barrington Court. It is an extensive property. It is thought that it was completed in 1560 but there is evidence that there was a house here before that time. The site was recorded in the Domesday Book!
The property is a mixture of various styles from the Gothic to Continental Renaissance!
The house took 22 years to build.

Many interesting families must have lived in this place but very little is known about them.
It is hard to believe that Barrington Court was little more than a cattle barn at the start of the 20th century when it was restored in the 1920's by Sir Arthur Lyle.

It is amazing to think that what were once cattle yards and pens have been transformed into flower gardens - the design of the gardens influenced by Gertrude Jekyll.
The food grown in the kitchen garden is used in the restaurant and the apples in the orchards are used to make cider and apple juice!

Some more beautiful blossom.

Having lunched at Barrington Court and relaxed in the stunning gardens we made our way to Ilminster.
En route we passed some fantastic homes.

How's this for a wonderful thatched cottage. Wouldn't you just like to take a peek inside? I know I would. 

Another beauty!

There were also some delightful cottages.

This was next door to the one above.

Another view of the two cottages above.

Another wonderful thatched property.

And finally, a snap shot of the chapel which looked as if it had been converted into a home.
There was also a Church in this village and so we had to go and see the inside - more on that in a later post!

The weather here is glorious and this afternoon I will be heading down the M25 for work purposes. I would rather be at home pottering around and tidying up! Our Daughter is off to a friends house later today for her tea and a sleepover - we will have a very tired girl on our hands tomorrow!

They are building new homes a short distance away and there is a big crane in situ. The dog has been barking at it like mad. Our Hound, Charlie would like to think that he is a guard dog but I fear that if we did have an intruder he would only lick their feet! He has a foot fetish! Last week the Other Half took him into the office and a short while later our secretary screamed aloud - Charlie had gone under her desk and started to lick her feet! Mad dog!

Until next time.


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  1. Lovely photos and what an abundance of gorgeous cottages!


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