Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dorset Cottages and Somerset Views

This blog follows on from yesterdays post when we were at the Golden Cap in Dorset. After we had a hearty meal at "The Anchor Inn" we headed back to Devon. En route we drove past some lovely Dorset cottages and we stopped to take some photos! I loved that little thatched porch and the lovely blue paint colour. My grandma and grandad's farmhouse window ledges were always painted in this colour - so it was very sentimental to see it on another property - it took me right back to my childhood. Isn't it funny how a colour of paint can transport you back decades ...

Next door to the house with the blue paint was this stunner. I could easily live in either. They were also quite close to the Golden Cap. Imagine just having that view on your doorstep - magical!

Another cottage - not far from the other two. Love that gate and those railings!

We then made our way from Dorset into Somerset. We had to stop the car to admire the views.

The hedges in the country lanes were covered in primroses - again a flower which takes me back to my grandparents property as they used to grow in the hedgerows in abundance.

I do love English country lanes!

We took a de-tour via Ferne Animal Sanctuary. It always makes me angry when people take on an animal and then don't want it. At the Sanctuary there are many animals from horses to ferrets! We, of course, were interested in the cats and dogs. A contented tabby cat sat on her own sofa!

One of the women who work there told us that if a cat had a red collar on it meant that you shouldn't touch them as they were prone to bite etc. We didn't  mess with this one who looked quite cross!

This lovely tabby looks perfectly content lazing in the sun! How could anyone abandon that cat. Most of the animals at the Sanctuary are up for adoption. I was sorely tempted with the one above! It was calling out to me to take it home but it wouldn't be fair on the other five cats!

Yesterday afternoon as I went to put something in the bin I saw our cat Archie playing with a black cat who had ventured into our garden! Don't cats normally fight for their territory! I rushed inside to get my camera but Archie moved out of the way.  I did however get photos of the black cat who posed as if he was in his own garden! I will put them in a later post.

Anyhow, I digress - where were we - oh, yes - back in Somerset. We left the Animal Sanctuary and headed back to Devon. We stopped to take some photos. I loved the cloud formation in the one above.

I liked this lone tree in a field.

And finally, how's that for a view.

Our Daughter arrived back yesterday afternoon from her sleepover very tired but wanting to get out the knitting needles and wool that I had purchased last Wednesday whilst in Frome. She was insistent that she wanted to learn how to knit. So I cast on 30 stitches and we are in the process of knitting a red square which we intend to make into a patchwork blanket for her dolls bed! More on that in a later post!

Until next time.


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