Thursday, 21 April 2011

In Frome

On Wednesday of last week we were driving back from Devon to Hampshire. We decided to stop on the way and went to Frome in Somerset. We made our way up St. Catherine's Hill to see the vintage shops and to treat Our Daughter to the knitting needles and wool which I had promised her for getting a Distinction in her ESB exam. I don't know why but I didn't take a photo of the shop where we purchased the wool and needles. It is a sweet little shop called Marmalade Yarns and is located at the top end of St. Catherine's Hill.

We visited Poot, Make and Mend, Holly Anna and Roundabout. We came away empty handed. We were just window shopping really as we were saving our pennies to go to Rome which is where we ended up on Thursday - far more posts to follow on that visit!

We did however have a lovely lunch at a cafe at the top of St. Catherine's Hill - again I didn't take a photo!
I had a raspberry milkshake (I normally always drink tea). It tasted just like the ones I used to have in a cafe in Bangor, North Wales when I was growing up - not like the horrid ones you get at places like MacDonalds! I was in milkshake heaven!

The above shop sells good quality second hand clothes as well as some vintage furniture. There was a lovely dresser for sale - painted in a lovely 1940's green colour. Our home is too cluttered already - oh, to have a bigger house!

I took a photo of the above pub sign as it reminded me of the upcoming Royal Wedding!

We then headed towards The Black Swan Gallery. We had previously been here at half term to see the "Smile" Exhibition. The Gallery is celebrating its 25th Year. 25 artists had designed a poster to celebrate that fact. The Gallery was selling 25 copies of each poster.

This one is very apt. Apparantly, the Gallery's funding has been withdrawn as part of the Government cuts. The lady who we spoke to said she would be surprised if the Gallery was open in 12 months time let alone another 25 years. Staff were being made redundant. How sad!

The above poster had proved very popular with most having been sold.

I liked the above poster as it reminded me of "Chopper" bicycles from the 1970's. My friend had one and I was really jealous as I had a more traditional bicycle which I had customised with Smarties lid tops in the wheel spokes! I remember saving up my pocket money to get the Smarties - not because I wanted the sweets but because I wanted the lids!

This poster is based on an Indian game called Pachisi which centres around the number 25 - very clever!

Oh dear! This poster resembles me having just come back from Rome having eaten too much pizza, pasta and ice-cream!

In this poster the artist had played around with the numbers 2 and 5 - I like the heart effect from the 2 the right way and wrong way round!

When we had finished at the Gallery we got into the car and drove back to Hampshire. On the way we dropped the dog off at the kennels and went home to check that the house and the cats were O.K. before packing our suitcases for a long week-end break in Rome.

Many photos to follow as we went to see the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain,  Pantheon, Roman Forum and the Colosseum! Our hotel was centrally located which meant that we could walk to all the places of interest.
On the first night we discovered a fantastic little restaurant. The food was del-i-c-i-ous! It was called "Life" and was just off the Via del Corso! If you're ever in Rome you should hunt this one out!

Until next time.



  1. Frome looks like the place to shop, it must have been soooooo difficult not to part with your pennies, they all look so inviting, and so full of gorgeous goodies. What a shame about the gallery not getting funding, hopefully their sales will get them through. Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Frome is a lovely place to wander...I am hoping to do just that after the Vintage Bazaar Fair, on Saturday!


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