Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Village of Shaldon, Devon

This is a continuation of Monday's post when we were in Teignmouth on Saturday.
From Teignmouth you can see the village of Shaldon. We have been there before and admired the many stunning houses and cottages.
As we got into the car we thought that we might as well cross the bridge to Shaldon.
The centre of the village is a bowling green which is surrounded on all sides by beautiful homes. I would imagine that some hardly come on the market and that, if they do, they are sold before being advertised. The only snag seems to be that there is very limited parking!
The one above really caught my eye -  blue is one of my favourite colours - when I saw this blue house with a blue door the camera was out before you could say "Get the camera out!"

Another favourite colour of mine is pale pink - this was next door to the blue house above.
I could live in either quite easily! Car parking space or no car parking space!

Next door to the pale pink one was this one - again truly stunning and I do like the old lamp!

On the other side of the bowling green were these houses - the cream / magnolia one to the right was for sale - not as nice as the ones above but still a very attractive property. The price was £279,000. Being nosy parkers we looked in the estate agents window which wasn't too far away - now where are those lucky lottery numbers ...

We wandered around the village - it is a thriving village with a general store, butchers, etc as well as some very nice looking restaurants. We passed one called "Ode" - the sign in the window said "Tonight - fully booked." The menu did sound wonderful. A place to return to perhaps in the Summer. I didn't take a photo - I think there was a big van or some other obstruction outside!

We came to the beach where we could see Teignmouth in the distance - the mist had begun to rise.

There is a ferry that takes you from Shaldon to Teignmouth - something else to be experienced in the Summer perhaps!

A cyclist  seemed to have just abandoned his bicycle against the wall - perhaps he couldn't take it on the ferry!

One of the houses had this funny gargoyle on it!

Don't these cottages make you think of Summer. How I wish it was a warm Summers day today. I'm typing this and it is raining quite hard outside - that's British weather for you - one day nice and sunny and the next non-stop rain. Mind you that's what makes the country so lush green. I don't like the weather being so hot that the grass dries up to a crispy yellow.

Well, that's the last photo for today. There is still some more to show you of Shaldon before I will move on to do a posting on where we went on Sunday - our favourite place - Forde Abbey, near Chard in Somerset and the dog came too!

Until next time.


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos! I felt I was there with you!
    You like loking at and taking pics of the same things I do when I'm on holiday so I really enjoyed that tour with you - the pretty houses (what a steal for 279k - around here youd be lucky to get a 2bed semi!)
    And the views of the boats!!! Made me wish for a moment to be on summer hols, but thats wishing away the spring!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos June


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