Monday, 28 March 2011


On Friday night we headed down to Devon for the weekend. We got up early on Saturday and headed for Teignmouth. Our Daughter had been looking forward to going on the pier - as it has some rides on it. Unfortunately, it was shut.
There is no photo of the pier as there was too much mist for it to be even seen properly through the camera lens!
We walked along the beach and followed it round to where the boats are stored on the shingle.
We have been to Teignmouth many times.
There is a particular rowing boat called "Sooty" and I have taken a number of photos over the years of Our Daughter in the boat.
The boat was there on Saturday so the customary photo was taken. You can see how misty it was from the background.

I love to see fishing boats. You can see how the mist affected the photography. I had to take photos of things which were nearby!

This beautiful dog was looking over the balcony of one of the properties where the fishing boats were - just whiling away the time watching the world go by.

On the beach Our Daughter began collecting shells. I think that we will paint some in bright colours and place them in a plant pot when we have a miserable wet weekend. Hopefully, by suggesting this the weather will decide to prevent this from happening by being sunny.
Don't you find that whenever you have your umbrella with you - it never rains! As soon as you forget it at home that is the day it rains and you end up buying another brolly. I'm sure every home in the country has an over supply of brollies. Yet, when you go looking for one - they seem to have disappeared!
Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?

I love to see the coloured buoys and other fishing paraphernalia.

Some more coloured buoys, lobster cages, etc ...

We saw this interesting bird - do you know what it is? I looked up wading sea birds and came up with a similar bird which was a  "sandpiper." If anyone knows any different please let me know! I love the mottled effect on the feathers.

We saw some more interesting fishing equipment.

I loved the colour of this boat. Like the colour of the sky on a warm Summer's day and the bottom half being a darker blue resembles the sea.

Proof that we were in Teignmouth!

This seagull had somehow lost its foot. The other seagull was very protective of it. They seemed to have paired together as whatever one did the other did too!

An oystercatcher on one of the walls in the town.

We had a lovely day - walking along the seafront, onto the beach and to where the boats are kept. We had our lunch in a cafe overlooking the sea which was slightly marred by the mist but you can't beat fresh sea air!
Revitalized after our walk and our stomachs full we headed for the nearby village of Shaldon.
More on that in a later posting.

Until next time.



  1. I loved the tour, June. The blue boat is a very pretty one, I like that shade of blue!

    Have a sweet evening xxx

  2. I haven't been to Teignmouth for years, but I do remember it as being a lovely place. So good that you had a lovely day, nothing like a bit of sea air..


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