Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Walk in the Devon Countryside

On Sunday the weather was glorious. We decided that fresh air was the order of the day and donned on our warm coats, scarves and gloves!

Can you believe that the sky was this blue! The British countryside at its best!

Look at that for a view!

We met some animals along the way. This one was quite some way into the field but ambled its way towards us. Some animals are so trusting.

Just heavenly!

We went past some wooded areas too.

We were spoilt by the scenery and all this of course for free.

Truly wonderful!

Isn't it great when Winter decides to show us that Spring will soon be here - the great outdoors has much to offer. 

The sun was very bright - I joked that we needed sunglasses and hey presto, a pair was produced from Our Daughter's pocket. Now I would like to tell you that she is good at anticipating and that being a good brownie she is always well prepared. Alas that comment would not be true. What we generally hear is "Have you seen my Maths homework, English homework? Mrs. B. will kill me!" After much searching (this by me) you will then hear hubby shouting "Have you found it yet?" Followed by "No!" Then the infamous catch phrase from hubby "If you haven't got it - what have you been doing for the last half hour?" Our daughter will say that she has been looking for it but in reality she will have done anything apart from looking for it - usually stroking the cats, reading or daydreaming. You will then hear the more famous catch phrase than the one quoted above "For God's sake!" Amazingly at the weekends she remembers and is prepared for most things - strange that!

Well, as churches feature heavily in these posts - we saw this one and I thought I'd take a photo of it. We didn't go inside this one - the weather was too lovely.

There we have it. Some of the things we saw on our walk. The photos only show half the journey we took so I will show you some more tomorrow.

Until next time.



  1. What a beautiful walk you had!
    Thank you for popping by.....:>))

    Have you seen the button on my blog, about the forests?
    shocking that this might happen, if we don't whip into action.....

    Just off to look at more of your posts!x

  2. Hi June,
    Gorgeous - Devon is such an idyllic place. We stumbled upon the old ruined church at Buckfastleigh last spring...It was one of the most magical places I have ever been, with wild flowers growing EVERYWHERE! If ever you get the chance...

    Lets hope for some warmer walking weather soon!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog post...I appreciate your wise words.
    Niki x


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