Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Devon Walk Continued ...

A continuation of yesterday's post - we were deep in the Devon countryside - admiring all the views and breathing in all the fresh air.

It was getting late and the shadows were getting longer.

I love the shape of this tree.

I loved it so much that I took two photographs of it!

I like to see clothes on a washing line being blow dried by the wind - we rely so much on tumble dryers these days which just eats up electricity. A simple washing line like this one takes me back to my childhood and  to pegging up clothes with my Grandma who also had a makeshift washing line with a wooden pole. My mum had one of those rotary ones which never did it for me. This has put me into thinking - a dangerous thing - but perhaps I should get a washing line of my very own, one like Grandma had. It makes sense during the economic crises to save as much as possible.

This cow had clearly been wallowing in the mud!

Aren't these lambs early? One lamb is much bigger than the other. I wonder if one of them is from another mum who abandoned / rejected it or whether one is just more greedy than the other!

"Go on mum, let's stare them out - whatever they are!"

Well, there we have it - our Devon walk.
Hope you enjoyed looking at the photographs. We certainly enjoyed our walk.
I hope the weather is nice this week-end. Our Daughter is off to a sleepover on Saturday and hubby and I may go to the cinema to see "The King's Speech" which has had some fantastic write ups.

Until next time.



  1. Thanks for posting such lovely photos, it makes you feel that Spring is just around the corner - fingers crossed!

  2. Ah beautiful Devon.. never far from my mind or heart. Why do folk rush to holiday abroad when we have some of the most beautiful unspoilt countryside this planet has to offer on our own doorsteps.
    There is something delicious about washing that has dried in the sun and open air. It always smells so fresh.
    Michele x


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