Monday, 31 January 2011

Topsham Continued ...

From the Church there are some steps which take you down to the river - past the ducks, seagulls and pigeons.

Past some boats.

Towards an Antiques Centre - where we spent a lot of time looking at all things antique and vintage (as well as some tat).

Saturday was one of those over-cast days where the sun tried but failed to get through the clouds.

It was also freezing cold. Hubby thought that he had left his gloves at home and complained how bitterly cold his hands were - just as we were about to walk to the car to go home a little voice piped up - "You should have just got your gloves from the car!" He had left them by the gear stick, apparently.
When we returned to the car there indeed were the gloves.

Near to the Antiques Centre.

I don't think you'll be able to shift that in a hurry!

A relatively short post today - it was too damn cold to take my gloves (which I had remembered) off to take photographs.

What a difference 24 hours makes - on Sunday the sun was out, the sky was painted blue and there wasn't a cloud in sight.
It looked like a nice day to go out and so we did just that - we drove and walked around the Devon countryside. We decided to photograph interesting trees and various animals that we saw along the way.
We had a hearty meal at a local farm shop - roast dinners all round and someone even had room for ice-cream! Although it was warmer than Saturday - it wasn't that warm or am I just getting older!

When we got home we found four cats waiting for us - Millie was missing. We had tears before bed-time - "Something has happened to him, I'm sure he's been run over ..."
Hubby always - glass half full - he will come back.
Me - glass half empty - thinking the worst but uttering the positive.
Woke up at four this morning to go downstairs to see if he had come back - no cat but a pile of dog poo, I was not amused!!!
At seven this morning I looked out of our bedroom window and there sauntering casually along the pavement with a "What's up?" expression on his face was the cat ... G-r-r-r!
I am now very tired but have to be up and the cat has gone to sleep - G-r-r-r!

Until next time.


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