Friday, 4 February 2011

All Things Feline

Today I woke up to a bad migraine. As a youngster I could never understand people who said that they suffered from migraines - I always thought it was a reason to skive from work - but as I've got older and began to suffer from them too I realize how debilitating they are. It is also very frustrating when you have a lot of things to do and just can't do them!
The above canvas is in Our Daughter's bedroom and is something that we did together about two years ago. It was a very wet and miserable week-end and having bought a canvas in a toy / art shop in Honiton a few months before Our Daughter suggested that we painted something. The subject matter wasn't difficult to choose.
It's supposed to be of our cat Millie.

The papier mache above and below are again from Our Daughter's bedroom and I would like to claim them as my own work but that would not be true!
They are by a lady called Emily from "Total Pap". I believe that she and her partner who is also into papier mache have a shop in Whitstable. These were purchased from a shop in Mousehole in Cornwall whilst on holiday. We got the one below one year and the one above the year after.
Aren't they charming? Unfortunately, our cat Ruby liked the one below and chewed its ears!

From paper cats to real ones.

Can you spot our cat "Oscar" fast asleep huddled into the cushions - his favourite place.

Is he camera shy or very lazy? - I'll leave it for you to decide.

Poppy doesn't look too happy at seeing the camera either!

Millie looks positively annoyed - "Oh, no - not the camera again!"

"Can I have my dinner please? I'm sat at the table like a good girl!"

Some cats on postcards.

I love this postcard - "Please look after us!"

Finally, a photograph of Ruby - "Come on, feed me - I won't pose for your photograph, I'm a bit bored with being photographed -  I want some food!"

Our Daughter is off for a sleepover tomorrow. The house will be ever so quiet without her.
I will have the wonderful tulips which she insisted that hubby bought me on the way home from school to cheer me up as I hadn't been well to remind me of how kind and considerate she is - I will probably look back on this post in a few years time when she becomes a teenager and not recognize the person that I was writing about!

Until next time.



  1. Wow, beautiful cats!
    I'm curious to see your daughter's bear from Pussman :-)

  2. Hello! What lovely cats! Hope you are feeling well and are enjoying your tulips and that your daughter enjoyed her sleepover too!

  3. You are gifted with such beautiful cats, each with gorgeous colours.
    Hope your headache is gone.


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