Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tulips, Cats and Tins!

On Friday I had a migraine and here is a glimpse at the tulips which were bought to cheer me up. They certainly did the trick! I love Spring flowers - tulips, daffodils, crocuses - I love them all.

On Saturday Our Daughter went to a school friends house for a sleepover.
The house was eerily silent without her and everywhere looked tidier!

As planned on Saturday evening we headed for the local cinema to see "The King's Speech". When we arrived at the cinema there was a queue and would you believe it but the two people in front of us got the last tickets! We drove home thinking "well, that's that" but having got home we thought that there would be no harm in looking at the internet to see whether other cinemas nearby had seats available. They had and so we booked on-line before making a mad dash through the rain to the car. We were off again. As we would be cutting it fine to catch the start of the show we had rushed out and not checked that we had some change for the car park! 
Hubby rushed into a near by pub and bought some crisps so we could get some change.
There was then a mad scramble to get to the cinema on time!

This is Archie - lazing on a bed - it really is a hard life being a cat!

This is Ruby - anxiously waiting for food. She lets all the other cats eat first! If she were allowed she would stop eating cat food altogether as she prefers cheese and ham!

Anyway, back to Saturday - the film was FANTASTIC. Well worth the mad dash to get there. Colin Firth was EXCELLENT and Helena Bonham-Carter and the guy who plays, Lionel - the Kings Speech Therapist were very, very good in their supporting roles. In fact the guy who played the part of Lionel eclipsed Colin Firth's King during certain bits.
This film should win quite a few Oscars, me thinks!

 Sunday saw rain followed by even more rain. We went and picked up Our Daughter at noon.
She arrived home shattered - I don't think much sleeping had taken place during the sleepover!
 Sunday afternoon was a time to catch up with homework, housework etc before having a late roast dinner and before you could say Monday it was Monday!

Above is a photo of a tin I recently purchased on e-bay - doesn't he look like a trusted old friend.

Another recent e-bay purchase.

This is one of the two tins that I purchased whilst at Stratford.

This is a tin that I've had for some time, I thought that I would include it with this post as at the week-end we are off to the land of red buses - London or maybe not - see below ...

This is Millie apprehensively looking at the dog - whilst Archie and Ruby are far more interested in their food. We have to feed the cats on the work surface in the utility room (in bowls, of course) otherwise the dog would scoff the damn lot without a thought of them going without.

Another peep at those tulips ... lovely!

We are due to head for London this week-end but Our Daughter had to be picked up from school this afternoon as she wasn't feeling well so the best laid plans may have to be put on hold. Hubby picked her up from school as I had to be at work.
As he commented after I came home when I queried how Our Daughter was - "Oh, thank God for the healing qualities of chocolate ice-cream!" That has to be a man thing - to take a sick child for an ice-cream?
However, she does look revived so I shouldn't knock it!

Until next time.



  1. Just found your lovely blog - made me do a double take first as we have the same background!!!I've only recebtly set mine up, so sorry to be the same!!!
    What beautiful cats!All so different looking and elegant!
    Look forward to re-visiting.

  2. I love love tulips (more than I love cats ;)
    Have a lovely evening, June xxx


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