Sunday, 30 January 2011


On Friday night we got in the car and headed towards the West Country.
On Saturday we went to Topsham.
We saw this mural on a wall - celebrating "fishing".
We had a look around some of the local shops - there are a lot of shops selling kitchen utensils - the expensive kind!

We grabbed some lunch in a pub and then looked around St. Margaret's Church before making our way down river towards an Antiques Centre.

Our Daughter by one of the many doors to the Church.

There were many stained glass windows.

With glorious blues and reds.

There were so many beautiful windows. It really was difficult to choose which ones to take a photograph of.

Here are those fantastic blues and reds again.

And to repeat myself - some more blues and reds!

A final photograph before we leave.
I will show you some photographs tomorrow from our short walk from the Church to the Antiques Centre.

I hope that you all had a lovely week-end.

Until next time.


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