Friday, 28 January 2011

Millenium Trail - The End

Here is our Faithful Companion, Charlie - having a rest in the Playing Fields (also known as Arlebury Recreation Ground) whilst Our Daughter was enjoying herself on the zip wire.

I like looking at pub signs.

We went past the new Fire Station - the old Fire Station is seen in an earlier Millenium Trail post.

A lovely door knocker - this one spotted by Our Daughter.

A lovely pub sign.

Some photos of East Street or Ram Alley as it used to be called.

Aren't these properties pretty - pity that they are so near to the main road - you couldn't have a pet cat if you lived here unless it was an indoor cat. Not quite sure how I stand on that issue - our cats love the great outdoors but then we have also lost cats who have been hit by cars. It's a tricky one, isn't it?

A lovely Georgian terrace - I'd love to be an Estate Agent here so that you could see the inside of these glorious properties.

We have often driven past this house and wondered what it is like on the inside - the people who live there look as if they have great taste! I just love that blue colour and I noticed as we went on our walk that other houses now seem to have also been painted in this or another similar blue.

This smaller cottage has been painted in a dark blue colour and you may re-call The Old Post Office in an earlier Millenium Trail post. There are some shops which are also painted in this colour.

Red and green should not be seen (is that an old shipping code?) - I'm not quite sure if this combination works - what do you think?

Well, that is it - the Millenium Trail, all done and dusted. If we hadn't cut across the Playing Fields we would have joined another Trail called "The Arle Valley Trail" - which is a more rural Trail.
So, if we are stuck for something to do in the next few months I can see that we will be heading back to Alresford .

Hope you have a good week-end.

Until next time.


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