Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stratford - The End and Birthday Party

Whenever we go out we try to make it interesting for Our Daughter by asking her to spot how many things associated with what we are going to be doing she can see - when we went to see "The Lion King" in London we went looking for the lions we could see - statues etc.
In Startford we concerntrated on business premises who traded on Shakespeare or things associated with him and came up with the above - Hathaway Tea Rooms.

We spotted this Restaurant.

And this hotel.

And even the local Bank had this mosaic!!!

The purpose of our visit to Stratford was to see "Matilda" at the Courtyard Theatre. Our Daughter was spoilt this year as I had originally booked tickets a long time ago to see "The Lion King" but then read the reviews about "Matilda." So we ended up going to see two spectacular shows. For her Birthday Party Our Daughter and her friends went to the cinema to see "Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and then onto Pizza Express. A bit spoilt you may think but last year due to her awful parents' (our surname is not Wormwood) work commitments she didn't have any treat or Birthday Party - what bad parents were we!!! We had to  make up for it this year and I think we succeeded.

"Matilda" - Fantastic, Wonderful, Super, etc ...

At Pizza Express making a wish ...

And then it was all over.
Our Daughter enjoyed her Party so, so much. We must never again allow work commitments to take over - we run our own business though and it is very hard sometimes.
But Our Daughter won't be young forever and it is important to make the time.
So I will make a promise that come what may next year we will arrange another Party.
Watch this space ...

Until next time.


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  1. That must have been a most wonderful day, filled with tons of fun. It sure looks like it, June. Have a lovely evening. Shall we follow each other?
    Do have a great start to the new week. xx


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