Saturday, 22 January 2011

Images of Stratford Part Two

This is Nash House and next to it is New Place where Shakespeare's house used to be - it is now the subject of an archeological dig. Elizabeth Hall was Shakespeare's only grandchild and she married Thomas Nash who lived next door in Nash House. It seems strange that Nash House remains but that New Place no longer exists! I wonder how and why it came to be demolished?

There is a sculpture garden. It contains many Shakespeare inspired sculptures.

Another sculpture. They are the work of Greg Wyatt.

At the end of the garden there is this monument type structure.

We went on a River Walk. We made our way over the bridge towards a further Shakespeare inspired monument.

Some more photos from the monument.

Stratford really does its famous son proud. You could never forget who was born here - he is remembered everywhere!

We carried on with our walk - past the ducks, geese and swans.

To the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre.

Another view of the RSC.

An image from the RSC.

Outside was this lovely little dog. His elderly owner had gone into the theatre shop but not tied him very firmly to the railings outside. He had somehow got himself free but we quickly tied him back. He does look like a dignified old soul, doesn't he. He was quite happy for us to make a fuss of him.

There are a few more photos to show you which I will do in the next post but after that there will be no more from Stratford.

We are going to be taking things easy this weekend as the last few weekends have been fairly hectic - what with going to London to see "The Lion King" and then going to Stratford the following week. You can imagine the pile of washing and ironing that awaits! I won't mention the dust - the weather is getting warmer but what that means is that the sun shines in through the windows and showcases all the dust. I hate dusting!
Oh, well it won't get done by itself.
I'm off!

Until next time.


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  1. I loved the tour, June. Beautiful pictures!
    Have a wonderful Wintery weekend. xxx


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