Monday, 24 January 2011

Alresford - The Millenium Trail, Part One

Well after putting the house in order on Saturday apart from a few jobs the question was do we stay at home to wash the kitchen floor and finish off tidying up or do we take the dog for a scenic walk rather than round the block. Nobody voted to stay at home! We headed off for Alresford to follow The Millenium Trail.
The Trail starts off in the Station Yard. Alresford is one of the stops on The Watercress Line. Although we live near we have never taken a trip on the line and having looked into the Yard and Station we made a mental note to return there soon for a train ride especially as they have special events such as War on the Line - which is due to take place on the 11th and 12th June, 2011.

These are lovely old trains and it is brilliant that rail enthusiasts have made sure that these lovely trains are available for the public to enjoy. There is something nostalgic about steam trains - reminiscent of "The Railway Children" by E. Nesbitt.

When we arrived there was already a train at the platform waiting to take people on their journey so there wasn't really a good opportunity to look around as people were busy in the ticket office etc.

There were a lot of vintage posters and signs - although I think the one above has been made to look old as it is about a local garage!

Lovely old posters.

An old cigarette advertisement - which wouldn't be allowed these days.

A photograph  from the station platform looking down the line.

Another old advertising sign.

The station and platform from the bridge.

Another look at the wonderful trains. We didn't have much time to dwell as we had to head off to start The Millenium Trail. I will show you more photographs tomorrow from The Trail.
It really was a nice walk and far better than washing that kitchen floor and staying at home watching the telly.
I did however watch  "Lark Rise to Candleford" - well, I couldn't miss that by washing the kitchen floor could I?

Until next time.


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  1. I grew up in the village of Crowthorne Berkshire and only yards from the railway line that ran to Guildford. I loved to hear the trains trundling along and the old station in Crowthorne looked much like Alresford station.. It even had the lovely old ticket office. Long gone .. sadly!
    There is something very romantic about rail travel.. especially steam trains.. We here the steam train passing through Bath in the summer and the sound of the whistle always makes me run to the window to see the plume of steam rising from the train as it races along.
    Michele x


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