Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Millenium Trail - Part Two

The first place of interest on the Trail was the Church of St. John the Baptist. As you follow the Trail you initially see the graveyard and the rear of the Church.
We seem to be forever in one Church or another these days! The lights were on and we thought that there might be a service going on but that wasn't the case and we had the place to ourselves.

In the graveyard are the graves of French Napoleonic prisoners of war, four men and one of their wives!

The stained glass windows were amazing.

I liked this image of "The Last Supper." It seemed uncanny that we had looked at this and Our Daughter's homework last night was about the twelve apostles and which one had betrayed Jesus and who was the first apostle! Judas and Simon Peter!

I liked this stained glass window - it reminded me of being in Sunday School and learning about the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

The wonderful vaulted roof.

The view of the front door from within the Church.

Swinging round from taking the above photograph you see the Church Altar.

The front entrance to the Church. Hubby had stayed outside the Church with our dog, Charlie whilst Our Daughter and I went inside. When we got outside he told us that we had just missed seeing the Church cat who had disappeared quickly at the sight of Charlie!

This sign was on the wall as you headed towards the Church. I liked its simple style.

Tomorrow I will show you more from the Trail - an Old Fire Station, watercress beds, a wonderful cottage, swans and ducks amongst other things. You will not be disappointed!

Enjoy your day!

Until next time.


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