Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Millenium Trail - Part Three

Continuing on the Millenium Trail we headed off down Broad Street. As you can see from the photograph there are some lovely Georgian buildings in Alresford.

The blue house was once "The Old Post Office."

Another house had clearly been "The Old Bakery."

Some of the doors had beautiful door knockers.

We carried on down Broad Street until we came to "The Old Fire Station" which was built in 1881.
Near to the Fire Station there was a Millenium Trail sign. There were a group of people looking at it and they did not seem in any particular hurry to move on - being the inpatient types we thought that we would just carry on without looking at the map. We realized about a quarter of an hour into our walk that we had probably headed off in the wrong direction and re-traced our steps.
 However, had we looked at the map we would have missed out on seeing the watercress beds and some of the photographs below.

We would not have seen this.

Nor this.

Or this ... Although it is of a broken window and a rotten window frame I liked it!

Hubby, Our Daughter and Our Dog, Charlie near the watercress beds.

We would also have missed this. It is not often that you take a wrong turning and end up being pleaseantly surprised, is it. It was very peaceful! Just us and the birds chirruping in the trees - Wonderful!

We headed back towards the Trail sign. The group blocking the map had by now moved on and we were quickly onto the right path.

Tomorrow I will show you a beautiful Georgian house, a wonderful thatched cottage, the River Arle with swans and ducks which I had initially thought that I would put in this post but I thought it a shame not to show you the photographs that I'd taken when we had deviated from the Trail.

Until next time.


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