Friday, 21 January 2011

Images of Stratford

Today I thought that I would show you some photographs that I took of Stratford - as if I hadn't shown you enough! I was a bit snap happy! There was so much to see that was the problem!
The above is a photo of the Garrick Inn.

It is amazing that these wood carvings are still around.

This gent was outside "The Christmas Shop." We did venture inside but everything was quite expensive and bearing in mind you'd have to buy something and then put it away for a year. Well, I just know that I would put it somewhere safe and then forget all about it!

Approaching the American Fountain. The Christmas Trees and Christmas lights were still up!

The American Fountain. Sadly, it is no longer a working fountain.

This cat was in a window and so I had to snap away at it - I'm sure that cat is thinking - "What on earth is that mad woman up to!"

This lion was on a Church near to the hotel where we stayed. Thinking of "The Lion King" I took this photo as it has 8 lions on it! You may remember that when we went up to London to see "The Lion King" we did a bit of lion spotting then too.

Lovely old buildings.

A mime artist pretending to be Shakespeare! Our daughter went and stood next to him and he took off her hat and put it on his head which was quite funny. Shortly after though a much younger girl than our daughter looked at him and he moved and she howled and howled and in between the sobs she said "I don't like him mummy!" Mime artists can be scary and a bit creepy.

A statue called "The Jester."

The base of the statue has quotes by Shakespeare about fools!

I cannot believe it but there are still some more to show you. There are photos from Nash's House and Garden - this is the house next door to New Place which was Shakespeare's home until his death in 1616. There are also photos from a River Walk and of course photos of the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre!

Stratford as you can see is an interesting place with a lot to see and most of it within easy walking distance.
It was well worth the visit!

Until next time.


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