Thursday, 20 January 2011

More Canal Boats - Warwick

On Friday last week - it seems a long time ago now - we went to Warwick. We had intended to go to the Castle there. When we got there we discovered that most of the attractions inside the Castle were on a Saturday so we decided that we would go round the town instead.
We came across a few Antique Centres and I purchased two lovely tins with a cat and dog on one and another with a cat on it - I will show them to you in a later post.

On our way back from Warwick we spotted a few more canal boats and so headed off in their direction.
I like this barge ware jug. 

I love the colours of this one above and in particular the vibrancy of the one below.


Love, love, love the colours.

I have never been on a barge - I would like to holiday on one of these boats which cruise along at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour!

If you live on one of these there is no drive or garage for a car - the other mode of transport must therefore be your two feet or a bicycle!

I like the quirky teapot!

Some colourful watering cans - also used as flowerpots.

I liked the blue and green paint colours mixed in with the white and rust!

The way to receive your mail - in a communal box.

When in Stratford I took many photographs and there is possibly enough for one or two more posts!
I hadn't realized quite how many photographs I had taken until I went to look for photographs to put on various posts. That's one reason why I like digital - the old films used to curtail taking a lot of photographs as you would end up paying for photographs which were rubbish whereas with digital you can sift through and delete the rubbishy ones where people have walked into your photo etc.

On the next post I will concerntrate on Stratford itself.

Hope you're having a good day!

Until next time.


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