Monday, 13 December 2010

Winchester Mish-Mash

Here are more photographs from the Christmas Market in Winchester. I really liked these Moroccan lanterns.

What about this as a Christmas gift for someone!

A jolly reindeer!

An image from the side of the ice rink.

A lovely wreath on a door as we approached the Christmas Market.

A coat of arms on a nearby gate.

There were musicians and Morris Dancers!

Time to remember that Christmas is for giving and not just receiving!

Some more goodies from the Christmas Market.
 It looks as if Santa has had too many mince pies and Rudolph has turned into a cross-dresser!

Well, the Christmas tree has been purchased and decorated. We now need to do the rest of the decorating and write the Christmas cards. Our daughter has been far more organized than us grown-ups and has already written hers!

Until next time.


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