Sunday, 12 December 2010

Winchester Cathedral

Here we are again at Winchester Cathedral. Although it wasn't so cold as it has been - the sky was a dull, grey colour.

Inside the Cathedral there was plenty to see.

Did you know that Winchester was the capital of England in 1043 and that a few years later the Normans started to build the Cathedral?

In 1348 The Plague (Black Death) killed half the population of Winchester.

During the English Civil War 1642 - 48 the Roundheads attacked the Cathderal and smashed the windows and scattered the bones of the dead Kings and Queens. Local people later gathered up the broken bits and returned them to their chests but all the bones are mixed up!

Inside the Cathedral there are many small chapels - there is a Fisherman's Chapel where even the furniture has been carved to look like ripples on water!

The place was truly amazing especially with the backdrop of the choir practising!

Even the floors were beautiful!

No matter where you looked there was something interesting to see - the quality of the workmanship was outstanding.

There were many stained glass windows but my camera was not too good at capturing the fabulous quality!

In the Crypt was this Antony Gormley Sculpture.

 Back outside the Cathedral. We went and grabbed something to eat before returning to the Christmas Market and catching the bus back to the Park and Ride to make our journey home.

Right, we'd better get started on getting that Christmas tree.

Until next time.


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